Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu, Vol.15

Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu, Vol.15

So a new month, and new volumes of this series! Now I just need to wait 20-ish days until I can buy 2 more volumes.

The stories in this one were supercreepy. I still love how ordinary objects become dangerous/deadly. Like plushies, or gachapons.

Hour 1: My sweet/lovely plush toys. 5 stars. Sure, I didn’t like the MC, but that mostly had to do with how she didn’t say anything, and instead turned her anger and stress on objects. I know I did that kind of thing once or twice, but she truly uses them as punching bags, which is just bad. 😐 I saw the twist coming from far away, but it was still really effective when it happened. The last pages? Creepy! I love you…

Hour 2: The Character Gachapon. 4 stars. It was quite awesome, and an interesting idea, plus it had a surprising ending (not one we see often, if at all), but sadly I was pretty much pissed at the friend and the class. They would rather have the girl to be emotionless? The would rather have her be a wallflower? I hated how they treated her at the end, that is just horrible. 😐 She doesn’t deserve that at all. She just wanted to be happy, and I am sorry, but I am pretty sure she isn’t happy right now.

Hour 3: Print Collection. 4 stars. Ohh I quite liked the idea of this one. It all seemed so good and sweet, but then you find out there is a catch to it all. Love it! I also much preferred the girl before she turned into that, and I also wished that she believed her best friend more. Sure, her friend wasn’t nice all the time, but everyone makes mistakes, and she was just following alone hoping for a dash of popularity. The ending? Wow. I thought it was all over, but I guess with Zekkyou Gakkyuu it never is over.

Extra Hour: The Red Thread Part 1. 4.5 stars. Oh, this was certainly surprising, especially the ending part, I didn’t see that one coming. Sure, I thought something would happen soon, but I didn’t think it would be that. Poor girl, then again, she really went full creepy mode on that boy. Not even thinking it might be something totally different for him, or that she is not the only one.

Extra Hour: Red Thread Part 2. 4.5 stars. Oh we see the POV of Sato (the boy from part 1) this time! Fun and also definitely creepy. It showed us how Sato thought, I didn’t entirely like him and how he toyed with girls. 😐 Then again, I am not sure if he truly deserved what he had coming in the end. At first I also thought this one was unconnected to the other story, but then we see the MC of that one (just a few flashes here and there, and then a spotlight in the ending part. Also it seems red threads are fickle. 😐

Bonus Story: My sweet plush toys. 5 stars. OH MY GOSH. NOOOOO WAY. That was just way too creepy and it is only a few pages in length. CREEEPYYYYYYYY. NOPE. I thought this was taking place before she got that plushie, but oh no, of course not. shivers

All in all a very great volume with some really creepy stories. As I said in my volume 14 review, I am really happy that even with so many stories already out they still make original, creative stories that will give you goosebumps. Plus I love that they had one ending that I didn’t expect.

Definitely would recommend it!

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