Waiting on Wednesday ~ VIP: I’m With the Band

Waiting on Wednesday ~ VIP: I’m With the Band

Hello everyone!

The week is flying by, it is already Wednesday! Wish me luck tomorrow, got a doctor’s appointment for something that I hope won’t turn out to be something scary. 🙁

For today’s WoW I have a book that is already out, and which I ordered at Amazon today (can’t wait for it to be delivered). Often (OK, always) I pick books that still have to come out, but I am so excited about this book. I vaguely remember hearing about it last year, but forgetting about it afterwards. Luckily I found it again! It is written by an amazing author, it is about bands, going backstage, fame, touring, and much much more, and just sounds perfect. I read the first page preview, and I just want more!

Twelve-year-old Mackenzie “Mac” Lowell’s dreams have come true. Thanks to her mom scoring the coolest job EVER, Mac is going from boy band fanatic to official tour member of her favorite group, Perfect Storm. Good thing she’s brought along her journal so she can record every moment, every breath, and every one of lead singer Zander Welling’s killer smiles in written detail and daydreamy doodles.

But between a zillion tour stops and pranks gone wrong, Zander and his fellow band members, Heath Holland and Kyle Beyer, become more like brothers to Mac. When the boys’ differences start to drive them apart, can Perfect Storm’s biggest fan remind them why they’re perfect together? It’ll be up to Mac–and her comic-book alter ego, Mac Attack–to keep the band together and on the road to stardom

Chronicling her experiences on tour, Mac’s journal springs to life with black-and-white illustrations and comic-book panels throughout its pages.

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