What I Hope To Read March 2017

What I Hope To Read March 2017

Hello everyone!

A new month is upon us, a bit sooner than normal, because that is February for you. 😛

I will miss February, it was an awesome month with a birthday of my own, then there is my blog that has its birthday today (have you checked out the giveaway yet?), and of course Valentine’s Day also happened. But, I will be delighted and embrace March with open arms. March means spring is coming after all, which means I can sit outside again with a good book, enjoy the sun and the warmer days.

I got quite a few books that I really would love to read, and then there are my pre-orders, oh my. I got quite some pre-orders that I just need right now. And some that I would want, but also not want (for instance the Geek Girl book, as it is the last book in the series (nooooeeees!)).

So let’s get started!

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