And the winners are….. *drum roll*

And the winners are….. *drum roll*

Hello everyone! Good morning!

First up sorry that it took 10 hours to get the winners, I just woke up. Rafflecopter only has midnight options for those who don’t pay, and I am in bed at midnight. 😛

But I am here now, and I have 2 fabulous winners for my giveaway. Before I will tell who won, I want to thank everyone who participated, who sent me tweets, who wrote sweet blog posts. Thanks, this was my first giveaway and I am so delighted by how many people participated and how enthusiastic everyone was! This is definitely motivation for me to create some more giveaways! I already got a few ideas for giveaways so look forward to them. 🙂

Now I am sure you are really curious to who won. As soon as I can get RaffleCopter to work, ah yes, here we go!! Congrats to:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats girls! You won a book of your choice (up to 15euro value) on BD! I will be mailing you shortly!

And to those who didn’t win, sorry :(, but be sure to keep an eye out on my twitter and my blog! I will be doing a new giveaway soon.

One thought on “And the winners are….. *drum roll*

  1. Thanks to you for hosting it! It was so fun! I definitely loved sharing my favourite book covers every day ♥
    Congratulations to the lucky winners! 😀

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