Library Haul 25-3-2017

Library Haul 25-3-2017

Hello everyone!

Today was not one library, but the visiting of 2 libraries. Namely Library #2, and Library #3. I got a total of 26 books (14 at Library #2, and 12 at Library #3), a mixture of English and Dutch books, and of course a mixture of fiction and non-fiction.

I do have a funny story to tell before I get to what books I got.  So I have several books on reserved/on-hold, one of them was on its way to my library, only… well normally such books gets delivered within a day or 2 since the other libraries in the same region are so close by, however this one… it was on the Transport option for more than a week now. So when I spotted the book at my library, on their New Arrivals table, I was like, eh, I guess my library has it now as well (even though I was sure it wasn’t in the catalogue). So I went to check out when I had all my books, and that book refused to be checked out, I had to go to the reception desk and ask for it to be done manually. So guess what? That book, it couldn’t be checked out because it was from the other library, and it was my reservation/on-hold book. 😐 Apparently someone either didn’t care to check (the stamps are different from each library), or the ticket fell out and they thought it was a new book. The librarian on the job was not too amused that her colleague screwed up like this. While I was just laughing at the situation. It does sound funny, and plus I finally had an explanation on why the book took so long. 😛

Now to my books! I got so many, and I want to share with you all the awesomeness. So first stack is Library #2, the second stack is Library #3.

Oh, and the The Diabolic book? It is Dutch. 😐 Yep, nice surprise right there. It is something I see happening more often these days, and it frustrates me to no end. I have already had a few other encounters were I almost got the book because I thought it was English (the blurb is Dutch yes, and the catchphrases too, but if I know the book already I don’t check those).

Hoera!? mijn kind gaat naar school by Manon Abbel, Brigiet Bluiminck
The Broken Heart Club by Cathy Cassidy
Een kameel op de weg by Trea ten Kate
Sanne @ Sanne op tournee by Evelien van Dort
The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid
Jongens zijn slimmer dan meisjes by Pedro De Bruyckere, Casper Hulshof
Vraag het Anniek by Anniek Winters
Rutger bakt feestelijk by Rutger van den Broek
Het Italiaanse bakboek van Sarena Solari by Sarena Solari
De nieuwe kleine tuin by Noël Kingsbury
Zwemparadijs by Gerard Leever
Zzzzeur Meyer by Gerard Leever
Droomkamer by Gerard Leever
De Bosatlas Nederland van boven by Henk Donkers

Janna by Maresa Jacobse
All Alone in the Universe by Lynne Rae Perkins
Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler
Abandon by Meg Cabot
If I Stay by Gayle Forman
The End by Charlie Higson
Pick Your Poison by Lauren Child
Check-in Check-Uit by Sanneke van Hassel
Scooby-Doo Team-Up Vol. 1 by Sholly Fisch, Darío Brizuela
Jippie naar Spanje! by Kitty van Zanten, Mireille Spaas
Broertje ruilen by Jan Ormerod, Andrew Joyner

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