Review for A Song For The Thea Sisters

Review for A Song For The Thea Sisters

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well. Well. Sorry, I can’t rate this very high, can I now? It is practically the same story as Mouseford Academy #7. Boyband comes to Whale Island: Check. Talent show to perform the opening act: Check. Vanilla ruining everything and be pissed off: Check. Who wins?: Check for most. There are some changes there, but really, it ends as the other book ended.
Sorry, but can’t you even make a decent new story? I know that there are A LOT of Thea Stilton books, but so far it seems the writers are doing a terrific good job at making sure each book has something new and fresh.

Not to mention, as I have said in other reviews for graphic novels: The art of a graphic novel can make and break it. This one however is going for the breaking it. The art was not good. Really, it was not. I was looking forward to the gorgeous illustrations the books have these days, but instead I got something that was even worse than the first art of the books.

Considering the cover I had expected we would get the art that is presented there. Don’t be fooled potential buyers of this book. This cover art is not what you will get as art in the book. Not at all. As we Dutch people would say: Ik kwam thuis van een koude kermis. Which means something as coming home disappointed.
I didn’t even recognise Colette at all. I even showed other people the art from this graphic novel and how Colette was supposed to look (according to all the books), and they didn’t even recognise her and wondered what had happened to her.

Here are comparison pictures:

This is one of the older official art from the books. These days the characters are even prettier.

And this is from this graphic novel:


Not only because of her art, oh no. It is just not Colette. One she doesn’t play guitar, she is the main singer, but apparently in this one the main singer is Nicki and Colette just grabs a guitar and sings a few words here and there. Two, what happened to all her pinkness? She adores pink, but she barely wears it here. Most of her outfits were BLUE. And yes, she often wears a blue top, but not everything is blue, she prefers pink. And with the exception of maybe a few accessories (like a scarf or socks) there was a distinct lack of pink. And no, that striped dress is lila/purple + blue. Which is totally weird. Plus I don’t think she would wear the clothes she wore in this one. She is pretty fashion-minded, and no offence, but these are not super fashionable items to wear.

And whereas the book actually had them struggling to form a band, here it seems they just grabbed some equipment and done. They also didn’t seem to have any problems with creating a song. I know the Thea Sisters are pretty magical, but this magical? No.

I was really looking forward to this story, and while I did enjoy the talent show, it was just a rehashed scenario so I was bored.

It is such a shame, I was really looking forward to reading it.

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