Review for Chibi Devil!, Vol.7

Review for Chibi Devil!, Vol.7

Yay, a new month and that means I could buy new volumes on Amazon!

I am almost done with this series, I am so sad. Next month I will be buying the last two volumes. I wouldn’t have minded more volumes, there is still so much that could be told. I want to see Mao-chan grow up more, maybe go to school.

This one brought a whole lot of fun though, I flew through it (yay, my German language skills are coming back more and more). Each chapter brings something new with it. From field trips (with the 2 demon babies from the last time) to anger issues to OMG my toy is so awesome and I don’t want to stop playing to what does this button do? My favourite story is a tie between the field trip and the festival the Director and his assistant created for the kids. The field trip was fun because it took the setting away from the standard one: either one of the kid’s homes or the daycare, plus there were lots of cute things happening during that field trip (plus the adoration of Ryu for Karin is just adorable).
The festival was fun because it allowed our demon babies to also see what a festival is about, without all the fear that they might get lost, or might be afraid to be with so many other demons. Plus I laughed so hard that they had to help out with the foods that they wanted. 😛

The least favourite story is definitely Mao-chan’s constipation story. Yay, poop. I was just cringing throughout the whole story and hoping it would be over soon. Yes, constipation is a normal thing, but to write a whole x pages chapter full of it? Nah. No thank you.

Oh yes, I had such a laugh at the end of Mao-chan’s kissing streak chapter. Oh my. Oh my. Go go Mao-chan.

Of course the other characters are fun too. I am glad they also get their time to shine in this manga. Mao-chan gets the spotlight the most, since he is the real MC, but we also see how the others go with their lives, how they grow up, their troubles.

It is still quite fun that so much of the manga is also in the anime, a lot of the chapters (like the television button one) are ones that I remember from being in the anime as well.

The art is still adorable, and when I am done with this series I might see if the this mangaka did other works and if they contain this art style as well.

All in all, a fun volume, and I really enjoyed reading it. It is perfect when one needs a bit of happiness or laughter in their lives.

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