Review for Dagger in the Desk

Review for Dagger in the Desk

This was a great novella, such a shame it is the only one, and it is also so short. I wouldn’t mind more of these, or a big book full of them. daydreams

Yes, this one is just really short. 44 pages, though it is a bit shorter as it also contains a preview. The story is complete, though I would have loved to see it stretched out longer. I feel that it could be done and it would still be good. Now it felt a bit hurried, especially the ending. It was just getting super creepy, and then bang, over. I would have loved to see a small epilogue, maybe with some more information about the scary man.

Yes, we do find out a little bit about the man, but I feel there is more to him, and I wouldn’t mind knowing more.

At first, when I just started the story, I had kind of hoped that there would still be people around in the building, but it seemed everyone just ran away (then again, I don’t blame them, if there was a phantom throwing daggers left and right, I would also just pack up my stuff and go). In the end the fact there was no one made it slightly more creepy, as there was no one to help them if they needed help. Plus that abandoned building-feeling was making things scarier. You never know what would be lurking in the next corner or classroom.

Again, I wasn’t overly impressed with George, but I loved Lockwood and Lucy. Especially Lucy was awesome in this one, her skills/talents are improving it seems, I can’t wait to see what this will mean for the next books in this series.

All in all, I did enjoy myself and it was a pretty dang good story. As I said in the beginning, I wouldn’t mind a short story collection with several of Lockwood’s cases in between the bigger ones.

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