Review for Farm Fresh Fun

Review for Farm Fresh Fun

The second book in our children’s foodie series (as I would call it). 

This time it is goats, apples, farms, food (duh), and some stupidity that quite annoyed me.

Phoebe and her friends (and of course classmates) are going to the farm to learn about how food is grown and made. They can pick apples, make applesauce, omelettes, how cheese is made, find out where chicken eggs come from (always fun when kids find that out), it is a fun trip, and boy, I wish I could have gone on such a trip when I was a kid. I would have loved it.

Phoebe’s foodie radar is going off as well. There is a chance to eat lovely goat cheese (still don’t understand how anyone can like that, but eh, to each there own. :P), omelettes with said goat cheese, then there are fresh apples and applesauce. The farm is a true foodie heaven, and I had so much fun seeing how Phoebe was excited about all the things. She even brought her own cinnamon with her so that the applesauce would be beyond epic.

Her friendship with Sage and Camille is strong, and I loved seeing them together, seeing that they didn’t have arguments anymore, but instead were a good trio. Though it meant being squashed together in one seat while on the bus to the farm. 😉

There was just one thing that brought down the rating for me. And that was the whole goat thing. What Sage did, but also what Phoebe did. Really, I had expected better from her. There are rules for a reason, and look what you did. Those goats could have been hurt, or gotten someone hurt. And then you just lie your way out of it. Saying it was the goats, or that the goats tempted you. Come on girl, at least own up to it. I was really annoyed with this part, and had wished it wasn’t added.

But all in all, still a good, fun, foodie and friendship book, and again with lovely illustrations that brought the book to life even more!

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