Review for Hamish and the Gravity Burp

Review for Hamish and the Gravity Burp

A new Hamish and this time the world is threatened by giant Gravity Burps!

Yes, burps! Our villains from the previous books are still going strong, and this time they build something that makes the gravity go wonky. The eventual plan is to make a burp so strong that the whole world will just go POOF. 😛 I definitely loved the idea of a gravity burp, it just fits so well with this series and its silliness. Add to that the chaos of the plants (and how they grow), and it is perfection.

Before I go to the rest of the good stuff, I just had one point that was a bit frustrating to me. The dad. Hamish and the PDF have saved the world 2 times now, on their own for most, and yet that man is blind for it all. He still sees his kid as a kid, he doesn’t trust him with anything, and is wary of everything. I just wish he would see how great his kid, and his friends were. It seems in the end he did get it, but throughout the book I just wanted to throw him as food for Vinnie.

I loved that we saw some Superiors this time, and also saw the island where they live along with all their evilness. Including some very evil plants of DOOOOOM! It was also interesting that the island wasn’t even that far away from Starkley, it is like it was all planned that way given what Starkley is.

Yes, we finally find out about a bit more about Starkley, and I am delighted that the author had such a giant backstory to the town, and boy it was interesting! I won’t spoil anything, but I was really happy with everything. It all makes me want to re-read the older books again. To see if there were ever hints to this.
And not only about Starkley, but also about several residents living in the town.

It was definitely fun that some bad candies helped with the plants, I didn’t expect that. You would think that if it happens to one that the others will get it is a bad idea, but it seems the plants can’t think that far ahead. 😛

The book is super action packed, you won’t be bored at any time. Instead you will fly through and you can’t stop reading until you reach the end! Plus you will laugh your butt off during many moments.

Of course the book still got the great illustrations by Jamie Littler!

Plus extra points go to the how the book is designed, not only for the flip book plantmonster at the bottom of almost every page, but also the plants on the side.

I would highly recommend this, and I hope we will get more Hamish (and also Vinnie) in the future.

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