Review for Harper and the Night Forest

Review for Harper and the Night Forest

A delightful new book in the Harper series. This time we have fairy tales! Such fun!

I was squealing very loudly when I found out there would be another Harper book coming out very very soon. And then it was delivered and I immediately went to read it while I was on my way to Library #3 (screw motion sickness, I just had to read this one).

Before I start with the good, I have to get the one bad thing out of my system. The conductor. I never liked him, not in any of the other books, but definitely not in this one. He is only thinking about himself, about how he can get into the circus, and not thinking about the harm he is about to do, or how he is hurting people. I guess we are to feel sorry for him given all the things that happen in this book and how he keeps saying sorry, but really, he keeps making the same stupid mistakes over and over again. He keeps getting blinded by his goal. He almost destroys a fairy tale, and thus something precious. He steals Harper’s harp. He just rips books out hands of kids.

Now for the good, because I really don’t want to talk about this terrible character any further.

The story! The idea that there are fairy tales for real is just a delight, plus the fact that there is one that is unfinished, forever waiting for someone to figure it out, to reunite the two in the story and give them a happy ending, I just loved that, and I was rooting for Harper and her friends to figure it out, and they have to hurry. Thanks to nincompoop Conductor.
But the mystery on how to solve it, and also how it was solved was never rushed. While they were on a tight time schedule it felt like everything came together in the right way. I definitely loved the one who figured out the story (I didn’t expect that character to be able to do that, plus points to that character). Ever character plays a role in the finishing of the story, saving the Ice Raven. While the book is mostly about Harper, and she plays a critical role in saving the tale, I loved that every of her friends also had their roles in the story. From figuring out the words on the trunk of a tree, to dancing with a wolf, to making a book, to cheering Harper to keep on going. I loved that!

I definitely loved the whole fairy tale forest, and how the city had clocks all over with the right time of the story. I would love to visit this city, the forest, and see the fairy tales come to life.

The new characters we meet? I love them, so much fun that in this world there are fairy tale keepers.

Of course the book is sprinkled with delightful illustrations. <3 <3

All in all, I want more Harper books. I want to see her family again. I want her to go adventuring even more! Hopefully this series will keep on going for a long time to come.

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