Review for High School Debut Vol.1 to Vol.9

Review for High School Debut Vol.1 to Vol.9

Last year, at Animecon, I bought 3 of the 3-in-1 volumes, but I never got round to reading them.  But finally I was in the mood for them and went on a reading spree.

On the first day I only read one of them, mostly because it was already late. But the next two days I went on a spree and read the remaining 8 volumes that I had. Now it is just waiting for next month to come by so I can buy the other two 3-in-1 volumes to complete my series.

I have written a small review on Goodreads for each volume, and I thought I would share them here. I will also post my rating for each book, and at the end I will post the rating for the total package.

Volume 1:  4.5 stars. It was a fun, hilarious manga, though I do worry about the girl. She seems to have absolutely NO fashion-sense (who walks outside in a dress meant for a party and adds some sort of transparent shawl to the mix?), she just stands stock-still when going out. But we also see another side to her, and I really liked her. Though I hope Yoh is able to help out this girl and give her some common sense. 😛 Fumi x Haruna? Oh yes, definitely ship it, though ultimately I am hoping Yoh and Haruna get together (the CHEMISTRY!!!).

Volume 2: 4 stars.  Well, I am quite pissed at Fumi and Asami. 😐 Plus it was all so rushed with how that part ended. 😐 Not liking this one as much, I just wanted to smack Fumi (for being so oblivious and stupid) and hit Asami (for stealing and being a big insert mean words). But eh, I guess we have to feel sorry for Asami, because her big brother has something else to do than watch and play with her. rolls eyes I am definitely going for shipping Haruna x Yoh. They are so cute together. Argh, hopefully they will realise it soon and not make a big fuss over it.

Volume 3: 4.5 stars. And the last volume in one of my 3-in-1 volumes! This time we have confessions and dating. While these two had chemistry, I just don’t see it when they are dating. 😐 It feels awkward and weird when they are together. Still shipping them together, but I am worried, if they are dating in volume 3, what will happen in the next 12 volumes that are left? Will they stay together? Will there be cliche break-up and get together again stuff? Urgh, I am worried. But I will continue reading. Still got 2 volumes of 3-in-1’s left, and if it is still good afterwards I will buy the rest too.

Volume 4: 3 stars. Wow, this was just super awkward and cringey. Does this girl have any normal ways of acting? Really, you get kissed by your boyfriend and every time you see him afterwards you run away, hit him with something, laugh like a maniac, or do stupid things? Whut? This is not normal. Not at all. I feel sorry for Yoh and I can’t even imagine why he would be with Haruna. I hope the next volumes will be a bit better, this series sure got potential, but just get rid of the cringey weirdness. I really miss their sweet chemistry before they got together.

Volume 5: 3 stars. sighsI wonder how Yoh can stand Haruna. She is so oblivious and cringey. Plus she totally doesn’t get that maybe he wants a date with HER, and not her forcing her best friend and his best friend together (who the hell does that when everyone is clearly saying NO to the idea). Awkwaaaaaaardddddd. There are some cute moments, but I think I would rather see this manga from Yoh’s POV. Haruna just doesn’t have any common sense 90% of the time. sighs

Volume 6: 4 stars. Wow, is this the same Haruna? I don’t recognise her, she actually had a brain in her head for once in this one. I was definitely happy with what she did in this one. Yes, she did push a little, but in the end the situation was finally resolved in a correct and need way, instead of the mess it was. Hopefully Makoto can now continue her life further. The ending was really sweet! Still a bit strange how this manga still has 9 volumes…. while the characters are in a stable relationship. 😛

Volume 7: 4 stars. ARghhhhh, blarghghhg, Asami please girl. Really, please. If you have a problem, if you are not satisfied TALK TO YOUR BOYFRIEND. Raarrrrgh. Really, why did she feel the need to cheat, go to other guys. It just hurt Fumi, and also your brother, your best friend. I already didn’t quite like Asami (due to what she did in the beginning + how she acts), but with this? And all new low.
Also really, why did Haruna practically die because of a kiss? These 2 have been going out for months now. sighs
Oh new people at school (hihi at Haruna stabbing them all with that brooch), rival popping up soon (hope not though), new girls vying for Yoh.
Yoh was really sweet though. That ending. Awww, so sweet of him to do that.

Volume 8: 4 stars. Rivals arrive, certain things happen, and of course HARUNA overreacts like always. My word girl. I know you feel shitty about the fact you got x by another boy, but really, your boyfriend clearly says it is OK. He understands, he gets it. No need to go to the library and get a book on nuns or even just run away each time you see your boyfriend. Are you 2 years old? Or are you almost 17? It was an accident, really, get it already. Stop being so dumb. Poor Yoh had to do that to finally get through Haruna.
I was a bit confused about what she said in this part. She says she only had 3 kisses, but we all know she had 4 already… (and also just 4? What the hell?)
The next part is much better, though I don’t get why Yoh is so stressed about it. Embarrassed I can imagine, but stressed? I am sure you could have thought of something to do for her birthday. But eh, it was cute in the end, and I was quite happy.

Volume 9: 4 stars. And so the Sports Festival Arc begins, and I am not sure if I am liking it. I was liking it up to the point that Asaoka suddenly, magically started to like Haruna again and started creating a fuzz. Really, I HATE it when this happens. Plus I think it is just highly disrespectful towards your best friend. You had so many times to be honest about your feelings (way before they go together), but now that they are happy, suddenly you want Haruna too? Oh Lord. rolls eyes I definitely don’t get why this needs to be added. Why can’t our main couple be happy without this kind of crap happening left and right.
Thankfully there are also cute parts, like Haruna being very supportive and sweet towards Yoh (she is really growing up it seems), or Yoh getting stronger and better (even though he still wants to run away :P), I was also applauding for Yoh for trying to set boundaries with Asaoka, too bad it didn’t help. I guess I can see this friendship end soon.

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