Review for Lunch Will Never Be The Same!

Review for Lunch Will Never Be The Same!

So I spotted this series and decided to read it. And I am quite glad I did, because this was sure fun!

It is about a girl named Phoebe, she is best friends with Sage, and then a new girl arrives at her school. A girl from France. Phoebe is immediately intrigued by the food, and so most of the book it is Phoebe planning to get in Camille’s good graces so she might get invited to her house and eat dinner. Because hey, if her lunch is so good, dinner at her place must be terrific.

As you can already see from what I typed there, Phoebe is a foodie. She loves exploring and discovering new foods to try out. New foods to love.

However with all this she forgets one thing. She also has another friend. And while it is not a bad thing to have multiple friends, it is bad when you neglect one friend. When instead of hanging out with that person as well you just drop him and fawn over a newer, more exciting friend. I was quite frustrated with Phoebe about this. That she just was too dumb to see that she was hurting Sage. That she totally didn’t get it until the end. That even her mom was just shaking her head at Phoebe.
And no making a schedule is definitely not the way to solve this problem. If anything that is just rude.

Of course, true children’s book fashion, everything ends well. I won’t tell you how or what happens, but happy endings will happen. Plus Phoebe learning that she is a foodie (which I could have told her from the start).

I did have to say I was looking quite weird at the book when people were weirded out by what Camille was eating, if anything it was more normal to me than those chicken nuggets and pizza that the other kids ate (and much more healthier too).

The book is peppered with illustrations, and I just LOVE the style, it is just so cute, so adorable, and so sweet. Ok, small confession, I mostly picked these books because of the covers (aka the illustrations). 😛

Also am I am the only one who thought Sage was a girl? Sorry, in all my reading I have never encountered a male character named Sage. I know it was pretty obvious that he was a guy (she kept saying he and such), but for some reason my head couldn’t wrap around the idea of a male Sage.

But all in all a fun book, and I did quite enjoy it.

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