Review for More Bears!

Review for More Bears!

What do we need? More bears! And lots of fourth wall breaking!

A pretty decent book, though I have to say the gimmick was over for me by the halfway mark of the book. I noticed I couldn’t really give a care in the world about the new bears. Sure, I was a bit curious about what would be added, and if the author would finally stand up to the unknown shouters and say no.

And yes, that happened, at the end, and only because there were so many bears that the pages were overflowing with them and they started arguing. 😛 Not really a spoiler, you can see that the tension is slowly building up + that there are just too many bears around for them to have space.

The new bears were quite interesting, it was quite fun to see what the author created, he made the bears really come to life. With descriptions of colour, of what they do, a little titbit about them that made them special (like the one carrying a hamster). Yes, I still couldn’t care about them, but I still was curious as to what the author would make now.

The art was pretty OK, not entirely my favourite style, but still OK.

The ending was a nice one, now I guess the author has to write about that. 😛

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