Review for Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us

Review for Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us

32478499I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A few weeks ago I found out about these comics, and I already read them all online. However, when I saw the complete book would be up on Netgalley I just had to have it. See if there were any new things in there, or if it was just a collection of all their internet works.

The conclusion? It was all their internet work, and nothing more. Which is a bit of a shame, but oh well, I still enjoyed myself even if I knew all the comics. 🙂 I still laughed a whole lot at all the silliness that is going on in the lives of these 2 and their friends. Their cats (and also the cats they meet).

I do feel that not having the comments that came with each comic takes away some of the fun. Sometimes the context is just a bit lacking without seeing Ananth or Yuko talk about what happened in that particular comic. You miss a bit of background. And that is a shame. Maybe if I hadn’t know about the comics before this I wouldn’t have missed it, or maybe I would, guess we will never find out. Sometimes it would be fun to be able to read stuff again like it is the first time.

The art is just super fun and I love the style. It was what captured me in the first place. I loved the art in that Penny graphic novel I read, and the keep the same style in this one.

I am happy though that they put everything together in one book. I will definitely see if I can buy it, as I want it in my collection.

The ending still brought a big smile on me, just like when that part happened online. Congrats you two!

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend!


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