Review for Rosario + Vampire Vol.3

Review for Rosario + Vampire Vol.3

Whoop a lot happened in this one, we get a proper battle with a big baddie for once, plus this means a turning point in Tsukune’s life.

Yep, I wouldn’t call the battles we had so far big, they are just small fry if you compare them to the Kuyo battle that takes place in this one. And it is not only about the battle, it is also about what happens to Tsukune in this battle, and how that will define his whole life in the end. It is a turning point for him, and even after the battle we have a whole chapter dedicated to this and how it is affecting Tsukune. If only they knew what they had done, I read the whole series so I know what is going to happen, but right now it is still sunshine and happiness, but I believe the next volume, or maybe the one after that is when poop will hit the fan, and it will hit it hard.

On the one hand I am not too happy that it was done at this stage, it feels too soon, too fast. But on the other hand, a lot of time passed, and considering what will happen in the next volumes it quite fits. Plus what else should they have done. These girls love Tsukune and they couldn’t let this happen to him.

So the battle and the after effects take almost all the spotlight and time of this volume, however we have one chapter more, this time we have a new demon, and boy, she is evil. Then again, if this helps with maths, eh? 😛
The standard formula happens, and then the volume is at the end. Yay for Tsukune (and thanks to Moka), sorry Kurumu, at least you tried.

It is quite amazing to see how Tsukune’s art switches. I wish the author would just stick with this new art instead of the older one.

I am a bit annoyed with all the guys in this book. Tsukune is almost the only one who isn’t super-horny and gets possessive when he spies a girl, or multiple girls. It is something that makes my eyes roll. Especially if there is an ensuing battle.

All in all, I quite loved this volume. Not only because of the battle, but also what happens to Tsukune and how it is affecting him, and also his view on the world. He worries about his family, about his normal life. I am happy that the author did this, it fits with Tsukune’s personality to worry about these things. More often than not what you see during such a turning point in someone’s life is that they tend to go power crazy and just not think about consequences. Tsukune however tries to get to terms with what happens, he is thinking about what it means to his normal life.

Also plus points to the cover! I just love inner Moka, and this pose on the cover is 💕.

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