Review for Schneeballens Fall

Review for Schneeballens Fall

I was wandering around searching for new German manga on a German publisher’s site, when I bumped into the sequel to this book, not manga, but still something I would enjoy. When I went to amazon I found out there was a prequel, this one. And I just had to have it as this one was out already while the other was a pre-order.

I have to say that on the one hand I am delighted, on the other hand, I had expected more Korea trip. Quite a big chunk is about Schneeball and her depression (as I would call it that, it is quite similar to my time of depression). In the end I appreciated those as well, because they hit home very closely, and I could very much relate (the mask, the well she couldn’t get out of, she couldn’t smile any more). But when I started with the book, I just wanted the Korea trip to start already.

The Korea trip was a fun one, not only about happy stuff, but near the end also about her fears. I was quite impressed with the boss there, that he immediately saw through Schneeball and saw her fears and worries. Not many people can easily spot these things. It was a bit confrontational but I do hope that it helped out Schneeball.

In the Korea trip parts I had so many moments that I laughed loudly. This girl sure loves her food. Then again, I think I would be the same if I was tempted by cheap food and delicious cakes and other sweet stuff. I loved her descriptions of various things going on in Korea, like their beauty standards (snow white beauty). But also her interactions with other artists that arrived at the same time as she did were fun. How easy they bonded over their late night snack parties. 😛

The art was pretty great. I really love the style and how cute it is. It was definitely one of the things that made me want to buy the book.

That and of course Korea. 😛 Because I am very much interested in that country as well. We need more travel diaries/comics.

All in all, I would really recommend this book to everyone. Not only is it about Korea and travelling, but also about fear and depression.

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