Review for School Gremlins

Review for School Gremlins

The second book in the Gremlin series, and I am so delighted that this series is getting more books. I hope there will be a third, a fourth, and oh, many many more!

This time our Gremlins aren’t at a supermarket, oh no, they are at school! Travelling in a backpack, eating your pencils, causing ear damage, throwing food, and much more!

I was quite distracted by all the flaps, they were, like the previous book, everywhere! Big, small, huge. Each of them bring a new surprise with them. For instance you might just find a tiny Gremlin, or who knows, maybe that innocent looking Gremlin is suddenly throwing food in your face. I just love that it mixes and matches between opposites and action and totally new Gremlins that suddenly pop up!

I decided to first open up all the flaps and then read the story. Not that the story was less interesting, oh no, but I just couldn’t wait to open up the flaps and see what chaos would pop up.

I loved that everyone saw the Gremlins. Not only kids, as one would often expect with books about monsters. The teacher also saw them (and heard them). I am not so sure about the lunch-ladies but maybe the fumes of bad food (at least going by all the descriptions in books about cafeteria food, since we don’t have that kind of lunch here) tempered with their perception. 😛

The children’s reaction varied from absolutely delighted to URGH go away Gremlin, and that definitely made the book even more fun. Not everyone was happy with the Gremlins, which is kind of not what one would expect. Then again, considering how much of a plague they are….

The last few pages feature less flaps (only 1 or 2) but it fitted perfectly as the story took quite a turn there. The ending (the last page) was just so sweet, and I just went awww while reading (and opening the giant flap).

There is still a lot of bum humour, given that most of the gremlins just hang upside down, inside out and don’t mind that they are showing their bums off to everyone! I didn’t mind it so much as it quite fit with how the Gremlins were.

As with the previous book I still love how the Gremlins are drawn. Mischievous, a bit creepy, a dash of hilarity.

Definitely would recommend this book to everyone. This book is just such a delight and will bring a smile to your face (and otherwise the Gremlins might just help with that if they are around :P).

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