Review for Sensei! Vol.1 to Vol.4

Review for Sensei! Vol.1 to Vol.4

I was looking around for new Kazune Kawahara manga to read when I bumped into this one. A student x teacher relationship manga, plus the art looked quite nice.

Like with the High School Debut manga review I posted yesterday, this one will also be separate reviews per volume. I am not really in the mood to write a big review for each volume or for all them in one go (since I read them one after another), but I did want to write small reviews, and I want to share those here.

Volume 1: 4.5 stars. This was a really cute first volume. The teacher x student relationship is really done well, and respectfully. You see the characters grow closer to each other, but the teacher is keeping his distance as much as he can. I loved how the main character never gives up. She loves the teacher and she will show him she is right for him, that this is her decision and that she won’t be swayed. The teacher was really sweet, though I didn’t quite like him, but that was more because he smoked so much (ick!). I loved the side characters, especially the girl, she was just brilliant.
The art is also interesting + quite a nice style.

Volume 2: 4.5 stars. The second volume and the relationship between our Teacher and Hibiki is finally getting somewhere. It is still dicey, and I was at times frustrated at the teacher for what he did (hugging her, then ignoring her, kissing her, then confessing, then again asking her if she still wants to be together when they meet up during the trip). Just be honest about your feelings, be clear about what you want. I just felt sorry for Hibiki, but I also found her very brave for never giving up on Itou, even if she said she would. Her love for him is just too big it seems. So sweet. The relationship isn’t awkward or feels wrong. If anything it feels sweet, warm, and happy. The teacher isn’t taking advantage of her at all. I really can’t wait to see how this will continue.
I didn’t like that female teacher. 😐

Volume 3: 3 stars. Argghhhh, this volume was just too frustrating for me. We have Itou/Itoh-sensei’s ex popping up and being a total insert mean words. She really doesn’t get the hint that he isn’t interested, that he doesn’t want her, that he would just like her to go away, stay away, and leave him and Hibiki alone.
I was so happy with the last volume, and then everything got thrown out of the window with this one. So much unnecessary drama. Poor Hibiki, though I wish she was a bit stronger and would just talk reasonably with the teacher, and also in turn, that the teacher is a bit more honest. He is the adult in this relationship, yet he doesn’t really get how girls work.
I also didn’t like how Hibiki decided to change. Dropping her friends, her club, everything. That is not the solution, I can imagine why she did it, her heart must hurt, but I am just sad that she decided that this was the only way to go.
Her friends were really fun, and I especially like the Kosuke x female teacher parts, I am definitely rooting for them.

Volume 4: 3.5 stars. sighsSo much drama and stuff. I am still liking the manga, but I am just so frustrated that there is so much unnecessary drama in here. 😐 Our teacher and Hibiki are still hot/cold, you can clearly see they love each other a lot, but then they don’t do anything about it. I now, I know, teacherxstudent, but they did make a good start in the previous volumes. Plus they shared a kiss in the volume, so arghhhh. And then there is a new rival popping up, this time for Hibiki. sighs I really do hope that we will get Hibiki and the teacher together for once. I will give it one more volume, otherwise I will put it on-hold.
I do love the female teacher x Kosuke, there is definitely chemistry between them and I am rooting for them to get together. Hopefully soon!
It was also fun to see the time go forward, and that our group are now Seniors. Plus Kosuke is now president of the club! Yay!

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