Review for The Castoffs, V.1: Mage Against the Machine

Review for The Castoffs, V.1: Mage Against the Machine

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, you want an honest opinion? -0.5 stars for the fact the first 24 pages are BRIGHT YELLOW. Ouch.
0.5 since once again (not the first time I read comics/graphic novels) you get thrown into the action without any effing clue on what is going on. Ohh, there battling? People are dying and reviving? Someone just flew away? A whole city is decimated? Whut? Whut? Whut? Not a good start people. Not a good start. I don’t mind getting into the action, but please, PLEASE explain what is going on. Oh and then we time skip? Or time forward? God, I have no clue. It seems to be a time skip back before our group got together for realsies. It would have been nice if that would have been mentioned when it happened. Something like x weeks/months before.

Also why didn’t they notice it when their fish got eaten?

Now that I completely finished it… I am still utterly confused by a lot of things. For one, what did those BRIGHT YELLOW 24 pages have to do with the story, is that something that will come back in the later volumes? Or is it just some kind of mysterious dream sequence that people oh so like?

I also didn’t like the “healer” girl. If only she had been honest about a few things, well, OK, maybe the biggest two would be about her healing, and about her other power. Why did she think it was such a bright idea to use that on her team member? What did she think would happen when she was found out? sighs

I think out of the whole crew I liked the ghost girl the most. She was fun, interesting, and really helped out a lot even though she didn’t look like it.

The warrior girl? Meh. She was pretty OK, but I didn’t like how she reacted at times, like she was so much better than anyone.

The art was really good though, I love the style and I love how the characters were drawn. Definitely one of my favourite parts of the book. 😛

But yeah, confusing story, weird start, there is still a lot of work to do with the layout/format (as there were unfinished things everywhere), but pretty OK characters, interesting idea (seems a mix of robots vs magic), great art.

So in total I will be rating this one 3.5 stars.

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