Review for Lockwood & Co #4: The Creeping Shadow

Review for Lockwood & Co #4: The Creeping Shadow

Wow, wow, and wow. Lockwood & Co. is back, and I loved this book as much as I did the first book.

We are back with awesomeness, and thankfully Holly isn’t taking a big role anymore, if anything we also see a different side of hers, a side that I quite like. And Lucy also liked. 😛

The story starts off with Lucy, ghosts, and the team she is working for that night. Yep, our Lucy is now a freelancer, seeking jobs whenever they pass by, getting invites from other agencies to help them out. Her Talents are still improving, and I am delighted to see them expand. I am also thankful that throughout the book she doesn’t do too many stupid things while doing ghost stuff. You know, how she just blatantly ignored rules in the previous book, endangered people left and right? Well, she still is a bit on the edge with things, but at least she knows her limits. Thankfully.

The first story was really creepy, but I also had a laugh or two how tough Lucy was and what a couple of wusses her team was that evening. Dear Lord, and those are the people we have got to trust with ghosts? RIP the world.

After that it is Lockwood again, as she teams up with him and comes to ask his help when a certain thing of hers is stolen, and she is threatened, and she then sticks to his team for the entire book (which totally wasn’t a problem for me, as I just love them together).

I have to say that the ghosts, the stories were delightfully creepy again. Really that cannibal stuff? I can tell you I didn’t sleep right after that, I just had to finish that part yesterday before I went to sleep. Not recommended to do it, but I just needed to know more and wanted to know if they would get out alive, all of them. Only, typical of Stroud, the story was dark, creepy, and gave me goosebumps all over.

Of course we also dive deeper in the Problem + also what is going on with some of the agencies. Corruptions is running rampage, and not only that, but there is something going on as someone is not burning the Sources of some of the eviller sorts. It continues where each of the previous book left off. Each book gives us more hints, more clues, and in this one we even have a big battle + some unnerving events happening to Lucy and Lockwood which still shakes them even when things have calmed down.
Penelope Fittes was properly bleh, I already didn’t quite like her. Acting all big and important, pushing people to do x and y.

OMG OMG OMG flails around wildly That cliffhanger! I had my suspicions (duh), but I never would have guessed that, so much suspension, and now I need to wait until the last book comes out in a few months, darn it.

Lucy x Lockwood? Oh my. I am already shipping these 2, but I was cheering so much during this book. There were many cute moments, and I was just shouting at my book for them to just kiss already. To just tell how they feel about each other. Arghh, but they never do! Hopefully the next, and last book, will bring some happiness to my shipping heart and life. 🙂

I had a laugh at how everyone was just like me when they talked to Lucy about her leaving Lockwood & Co.. 😛 Saying she left because of Holly, and her fervently denying it.

Also considering the cover, I don’t see why anyone is being so mean to Lucy about how she looks. She looks normal weight, her hair and outfit look clean enough. But yet everyone is commenting about her hips and what she eats, and how she looks. 😐

Ah, yes, I remember one little thing that seemed odd to me. The way Jessica was said to have died. Stating she was attacked in her bedroom, when really, from what I can clearly remember from the books she opened a crate, dropped a pot with a ghost in it, and was immediately ghost-touched. I wouldn’t call that an attack by a ghost, just an unfortunate accident. But eh, I guess attack sounds much more awesome than it being an accident. rolls eyes

All in all though, I just flew through this book, and I will eagerly be waiting for the next, and sadly, last book in the series.

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