Review for The Detective Dog

Review for The Detective Dog

A dog who is also a detective, or well, Nell sure loves detecting, she loves finding out where stuff are.

She does a swell job in this one as well when books are stolen from the kids. I love the build-up to the theft (we really learn all about Nell), and then to who the thief is. Sadly….

I found the whodunnit annoying and eh. If he wanted to borrow the books why not ask? And who doesn’t know about libraries in these days? I can imagine back when they were new and mostly not well-stocked, but these days?

The ending was cute (when we went back to Nell and the classroom), I was happy with how it ended. Nell was really cute, and I can imagine she is really loved with the kids. It does surprise me that dogs are allowed in the classroom. Generally pets aren’t allowed due to kids having allergies, but apparently in this book Nell is more than welcome!

The art was definitely the best part of the book. The illustrations are rich, colourful, and full of little details (like the pizza hut were the logo was eating a slice of his own body). I loved how the characters, and especially Nell, were drawn.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it is cute, the art is lovely, it is just a shame about the whodunnit.

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