Review for Lockwood & Co #3: The Hollow Boy

Review for Lockwood & Co #3: The Hollow Boy

Good book, lots of great hauntings but Hermio… um I mean Holly just plain ruined the book. Why add a new character like this? Bleh. The ending was also pretty bleh.
Still I will read on, hopefully the next one will have no Holly, or have Holly suddenly disappear or something.

Well, this was somewhat of a disappointment. Again we have a few months between things, but we also have the addition of a new character named Hermio.. um Holly. I hated Holly, and I am quite pissed at the ending as well.

I am still laughing at the fact that the title is unclear until the end. Like really, the end. Bit weird to name your book x, while x is only a small part at the end. 😛

Lucy and her skills. I definitely love that she is getting better and better and her skills, and that she is now trying to experiment. However, please girl, don’t do it without getting permission first. Yes, I know, Lockwood will probably say no (and for good reason), but you are endangering not only yourself, but your whole team by trying to talk to a ghost. You are making the mission even more dangerous. I get what she wants to do, and I admire her for it, but I wish she would just do it more safely. Try to evaluate if a ghost is dangerous or if he is just less dangerous (like the old man ghost). Ghost touch is no fun thing, and you do want to live longer than your age at the moment.

I love that the book (like the others) immediately starts with action and an absolutely hair-raising spooky story. Dang, those old people are evil.

The Chelsea outbreak? Oh boy, oh boy. I knew something was up, and it was quite interesting to see how the book gave us hints and puzzle pieces until that final showdown with that store. I did feel sorry for our agency to not be included, instead having other hauntings at their hands, but I can also see why they weren’t chosen. They are only a tiny team, and you definitely need more people for such a big thing.

The showdown in the store? Oh man, my favourite part, and also the most creepy part in the whole book. I just couldn’t stop reading, even though I kind of wanted, especially with that crawling ghost thing. My lord, I just had immediately flasbacks to some Japanese horror movies I saw. Like Ringu or Ju-on. So yeah, I had a fun time sleeping at night after that. 😛
The poltergeist, oh my word! That was terrific, but also terrifying.
So yeah, the store was just stuff out of nightmares. Every page brought more horror with it, and I just was prepared for ghosts and creepies to pop out from every shadow.

There are more things that I liked, I loved the vivid descriptions of the various places our team goes to. I love how it mixes seriousness with comedy and then adds a dash of spooky creepiness. I love how everything is connected in the end. I love the idea of a world full of ghosts. Lockwood is so sweet and interesting. And yes, I am shipping Lockwood x Lucy. Have been since the first book, and with each passing book I hope for them to get together.

I hated Holly, I am not sure if it was because we are reading through the eyes of Lucy, and she clearly hates her (for good reasons), or because Holly is just so annoying. She was just too perfect, and she loved pointing others to their faults. I already dubbed Holly Hermione, as she was pretty the same characteristics. She likes rubbing people’s faults in their faces and likes to make sure to tell them when they do things wrong in various not nice ways. She acts like she is oh so superior in her smartness (hahaha, no). She gets all huffy and puffy when someone tells her off.
Really, Holly can just go and get ghost touched some time. Hopefully in the next book. I will be crossing my fingers for it to happen.
I can go on and on why Holly is just terrible, but I don’t really want to waste more time on her. She doesn’t deserve that.
I did love that other girls also disliked Holly immediately. 😛

The ending was another thing that brought down the rating for me. Really, Lucy says she is doing it for the sake of the agency, for their safety, but girl, please, we all know you are just leaving because of Holly. Just be honest about it and then leave. Don’t make up lame excuses. And yes, I totally agree on the leaving, though it did piss me off that Lucy had to leave because of Holly. She finally had a place to call home, friends, and now suddenly there is Holly and say bye bye to happy days.

How Holly got in the agency. Sorry, but why did you think it was a good idea to do it like this Lockwood? I know you are the boss, but your agency is just 3 people. Lucy definitely deserved to be included in the discussion if Holly should have been hired or not.

I had one issue with Lucy, the fact that she apparently didn’t care about Lockwood’s privacy.

So yeah, still a pretty great book, but thanks to Hermion… um Holly, I just can’t rate this one higher than a 3 stars. If she wasn’t in the book I would have rated this one a 4.5 to 5 stars.
I will definitely continue this series, I got the next book ordered and now it is waiting for it to be delivered sometime this week.

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