Review for Lockwood & Co #2: The Whispering Skull

Review for Lockwood & Co #2: The Whispering Skull

A new book, and definitely just as creepy as the first one. Though I had some frustrations so I removed a bit of the rating because of that.

The book takes place a few months after the first book, at first I was a bit annoyed with that, as I wanted to see what they had done during the time we weren’t around. Their cases are always so interesting, and I would just love a book with short stories, make sure it is extra big, like 12 new stories, all taking place between the books.
The books themselves, are all mostly about their big cases. The previous book eventually build up to the Screaming Staircase (and everything was connected), while this one was all about the skull that was also featured in the previous book. It takes a more prominent role and also has something to do with the object/haunting/mystery at hand. Of course there are a few smaller cases here and there, but in a way they also are connected to a bigger picture, in this case the skull and the mirror.

Man, that mirror just was creepy. The idea that someone, in their craycray mind, thought to make a mirror that would just kill you if you look into it? Yuck. Creepy. Not to mention the tacky decorations of bones around the mirror. Still it seems everyone wants it. Hoping for a glimpse of the promised knowledge (though I will just stick to my point that no one can gain knowledge and it is just a mirror of death).

I loved how Lucy’s skills just seem to get better and better with each book. In the previous one I already saw potential, but with this one? Wow, she is really turning out to be an awesome agent someday. Though I am sad that she may just have a few years left to be this talented. So far we haven’t heard of a single adult who still has their powers. 🙁

I loved her bickering with the skull. It brought some relief in the creepier parts of the book. The skull sure is a rude one, but he is also a bit helpful (when he wants to help that is, mostly he seems to be cheering for them to die).

The hauntings, the cases that they take on, were definitely creepy. They really give you goosebumps and you will definitely be checking corners when it is dark to make sure there is nothing there. The way the author writes about the ghosts, how they look, what they do, is just terrific. I wish more authors would write this way in horror/ghosts books.

There is also some non-ghost action as our team goes to retrieve the mirror. I am not sure if it fit, it was a bit like reading a James Bond book. I can see why it was added, but it was just a bit over the top for me.

We also find out more about Lockwood (finally). I hope he will open more in the next books, as I still have quite a few questions about his past.

The ending was exciting, a fast rollercoaster of action, ghosts, revelations, and more!

Now for the few things I didn’t like. I already hated Kipps and his team in the previous one, but in this one they take an even bigger role and I just wanted them gone. Especially the way that they operated (stalking as opposed to just doing their own research) was just bleh. Plus their attitudes are just terrible. Sure, Lockwood & Co. aren’t angels, and they also do not so nice stuff back, but it definitely doesn’t help that Kipps is as Kipps is.

Then again, I have to mention the months that is between this one and the previous one. It just felt weird and jarring.

Also again, I am still wondering about what the time is in this one. Is it modern time? Given several things and hints I would say yes, but then there are things that go against that. It is a bit confusing, as if it is trying to be modern, but also old.

But other than those things? I loved it and I flew through it. This is fast becoming one of my favourite series.

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