Review for The Year of the Garden

Review for The Year of the Garden

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.30850954

I was so delighted when I spotted this book at Netgalley, and also got accepted. I adore this series, and I can’t wait for each new book. I was already worried I would have to wait until next year, or even the year after that, considering I buy the paperbacks.

At first when I started I was confused about the book. On Goodreads it was book 5 (before I changed it so it was right again), so I was expecting a sequel. But instead it is a prequel. Before Year of the Book started. Anna just moved to her new place, she is making new friends, she is going to a new school.
But when I started I was like, wait, Anna moved? But, she didn’t? What happened between this one and book 4? And then I read the blurb and saw it was a prequel. 😛

Anna was a fun character once again, and I loved that even in this one she is a big bookworm, and that she is a sweet, kind sister, a good friend, and a kind daughter. I loved how dedicated she was to the garden, even if she was a bit worried at times (thanks to Laura).
I am delighted that she fell in love with The Secret Garden. It is also a book I really enjoyed, and so it makes me happy to see kids enjoy it as well.

Laura wasn’t that good, at least not in the beginning. Later on I started to warm up to her, but at the start I just wanted her to go away. She kept pushing, kept giving up, and several other things, I just got annoyed with her attitude.

The friendship that slowly started to build was sweet and cute. Finally we see how Laura and Anna got to be such good friends.

Of course the book is filled with delightful illustrations. Sometimes they repeat themselves (especially at the beginning of the chapter), but mostly they are unique, and oh so much fun.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, and I hope that there will be more Anna books in the future.


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