Review for Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

Review for Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

So this will just be a short review how I felt about the book (or at least that depends on how the words will flow out of me while I am typing).

I spotted this book not that long ago at the ABC book store and couldn’t resist bringing it with me (especially not for that price). I am not a big girl myself, however I was still interested in reading this book. And in the end I have to say I really connected with this book, it resonated with me. The book is not only about fat girls and their lives, but also about body issues in general. And I got my share of those body issues. Have been having them for years. And while I do try to stop worrying/fretting/going a bit crazy about stuff, I just can’t stop. This book is really inspiring to me, and I think I may just take some of her advises to the heart and try them out. For one stop worrying! My body is perfect, love my body! I do say this, but I am sure it will take a bit longer for me to accept my body. I will probably try her technique that she mentioned in the book. Grab a post-it note, write positive words on them, and when you have a bad moment, read them out loud, drown out the negativity!

At first it took me some time to get into the book, but then the last two days I just flew through it, soaking up all the essays, all the advises, all the things that she says.

I also loved the way she talked/wrote this book. I am not sure how to explain this correctly (arghhh words), but I hope that people get what I mean.

The book was also great to read to see how it is for a fat girl to go through life (from societies expectations to doctors to comments from people), then again I knew some of it already, including the comments they often get, due to my mom. My mom’s thyroid isn’t working right, which means that even with medicines she quickly gained weight even though she barely ate anything. 😐 I remember one event even when my mom wanted to sit down because she was tired and her ankles hurt and people were being rude to her. 😐

There are also challenges, and I definitely loved them.

Then there are a few guest essays, and I loved the diversity in them. Unlike with a lot of books, I often dread guest essays, often they are a mixed bag. But with these? I just loved all off them and they offered so many new points of view.

All in all, a book I would HIGHLY recommend to everyone! Fat girls, small girls, people in between. But also the male population may be interested as she also talks about them at times.

Haha, and this review turned out to be a bit longer than I expected. 😛

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