Review on Waiting for Callback: Take Two

Review on Waiting for Callback: Take Two

This was just super-fabulous!

Last year I read the first book when it came out, and after so many months the second book is out, and it was as good as the first one. I enjoyed every bit, laughed, cried, shipped, cheered.

Unlike the previous book this one doesn’t have auditions, because duh, Elektra (still loving her name) has gotten a role in the movie she was auditioning for in the last book! She is Straker! Yay! And no, this is not a spoiler, it happens in the first pages. 😛
So most of the book is Elektra going to readings, filming stuff, seeing revisions happening, learning new lines, and of course meeting and having fun/trying to get along with her new co-actors. I quite loved it all, especially the revisions. I kept being amazed at the fact that stuff constantly got rewritten as new writers were added or fired. Really, can’t they just get one general idea and get along with it?
The thing that happened near the end? I had my suspicions from the beginning, but I was hoping it wouldn’t happen. I won’t say much more than that, but yeah, still sad. Not because it was a bad twist, but the fact that I was sad for a certain person.

Havelski, Carlo, Sam, Amber, Naomi? They were great additions to the cast, though Amber and Sam took a bit before I liked them. They did bring a lot of fun drama though, which I enjoyed reading. What would these two do now?
Havelski, even though he was at times strict, still had a soft heart underneath, and was quite sweet when it really mattered.

One may remember that I wasn’t a big fan of Moss in the last book? Well, I have to say that she truly improved and that I loved her to bits in this one. She was sweet, silly, supportive, and I loved the times when Elektra and Moss would get together, or would text. Yeah, this time I could clearly see how they got to be friends, and why they are still such good friends. I did feel sorry for Moss, in regards to her boyfriend. 🙁 What a wartbag that guy is.
At times I had a bit of a laugh when she tried to be sweet, but totally failed with her words, I know the feeling girl, I know the feeling.

Elektra x Archie? Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my. I hope that these two have some time to get together more. In this book we only had the occasional parts, and a lot of texts, and a few dates, but I wouldn’t mind more. They are clearly crazy about each other, and their chemistry is all over the place. My love for Archie went up with the last page of the book. Oh my Lord, that was just too sweet of him!

I was a bit worried we would have a love triangle with Carlo in the mix, but phew. Thank you authors for not going that route. If there is one thing I hate it is love triangles. Sometimes they work, but mostly, no. Just no.

Digby? I won’t say anything except that I saw the ending coming. Sorry, for spoiler sake, plus because of other reasons, I won’t go further about this. 🙁

The mom. Really, I hated her in this book. The way she apparently didn’t get that her daughter is now 16, that she has a boyfriend, and that no, it is not nice to just do all she did in this one. There is a getting to know the boyfriend and just say hi, and then there is this mom who really was a bit too creepily obsessed with Archie. It was frankly a bit disturbing next to highly annoying. It could really have done without all of this. It quite ruined some of the parts that I liked.
Not to mention that she still treats her daughter as if she is still 5. 😐 At times I felt sorry for Elektra.

I am still quite amazed that Elektra knew barely anything in Europe, isn’t she like 16? I can understand this from a kid who just started school, but a girl almost at her GSCE (or whatever the name of those things were)? No. Just no. That was really one of the weirder things in the book.

Next to the mail exchange that I loved in the previous book, we also have some articles from a website about famous people. It was quite interesting as it gave a bit more insight in both Archie’s movie and also Elektra’s movie.

All in all, this book was terrific, I laughed (of course she would forget the code when going to the toilet), I shipped (Archie x Elektra), I cheered (Go Go Elekra), I booed (at the mom), I cried (several parts). I am just hoping there will be a third book, with of course those GSCE (or whatever the name is), but I am also hoping more romance, and auditions!

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