Review on Waiting for Sophie

Review on Waiting for Sophie

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Boy, when I saw this I knew it was going to be cute, though I had some worries about the brother. It wouldn’t be the first time a sibling was happy with a new baby brother or sister, but quickly not like it and go annoying.

But oh, not Liam. No Liam is a darling throughout the whole book, and I could imagine that he might be a bit frustrated and sad that his little sister isn’t growing up instantly. But unlike many siblings he doesn’t go angry, he doesn’t do anything bad. Oh no, he tries to make something that might help Sophie grow. Something so she can just skip all the boring parts and become fun. I loved how the parents went along with it, and how they even helped him a little.
He was a great brother, and Sophie is lucky that she has him. It was also appropriate that that happened to be the ending. It was super cute!

I definitely liked how Liam was so eager for his sister, and how he wished she just hurried up. 😛 Some things are just not hurried kid, but you will learn that one day.

I also have to say I love the Nana-Downstairs character. She was sweet, caring, and I liked how she participated in many of Liam’s antics. Many babysitters might not participate, or be strict, but Nana was a fun, lovable woman who knew when to tell it was now time to stop, but also knew when to just go along with it.

The book is also covered with fun illustrations, and I love that they were added, it certainly made reading it even more fun and entertaining!

This is definitely a recommendation. It is a fun book, and it is perfect for little kids getting a new sibling. 🙂

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