Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.17

Review for Zekkyou Gakkyuu Vol.17

Yay, a new month and I can buy 2 new volumes again. Volume 17 and 18, only a few volumes to go and I have to wait longer for volumes to come out. Oh well, then I can just buy all the volumes I am missing (since I started with those I hadn’t read) and re-read them.

This wasn’t a too good of a volume. Stories that didn’t make sense, stories that were weird (weirder than normal, and the not-fitting-kind of weird). I only had 2 stories that I really liked, both rated 5 stars, the rest of the stories in the book were 2 stars. 🙁 Hopefully the next volume is better again.

Hour 1: The Twinstory: 5 stars, definitely 5 stars. Boy, this was pretty wow. I feel so sorry for Nana, not only for what happens to her when she switched with her sister, but also the ending, I didn’t see that one coming. Wow, I quite liked the sister? But after all the revelations? *shivers* I also didn’t get how they would mistake the twins. One has darker hair, the other is a blonde.

Hour 2: The Cat-settlement: 2 stars. What the hell just happened? This was quite creepy, but also really strange, weird, and I just didn’t like the story that much. So the cats are out there to hurt people? And potentially all were humans before? Whut? Also what is up with those 2 kids at the end, I feel sorry for the cat that girl is getting as a pet. 😐 Disturbing story this one was.

Hour 3: The Lonely Runner: 2 stars. Welp, I guess the first story was the best one in this book and the rest is just meh. This was a terrible story. I am not sure if I should feel sorry for our MC or her friend. Her friend was definitely holding her back, though how she messed up the test scores, no clue. It was quite mean what the MC did, but I can imagine why she did it. She just wanted to be herself again, and not lag behind. She wanted people to finally see her as she is, not as how she is pretending to be. The ending was just meh and bleh. Hated it. Why didn’t she seek help? If these things are possible, so is exorcism or people who believe in ghosts.

Extra Hour: The Bell of Return/Return Bell: 5 stars. This was just absolutely beautiful. Definitely different from all the other stories that we normally see in this manga, maybe because unlike the others this is told by Yumi and not Yomi. It was still mysterious, it still fitted the manga, but it was different, not horror, and I loved the story and the ending. So sweet! This is now my favourite story. I am happy for everyone in the story. Loved the revelation at the ending about the wish.

Private Tutoring Hour: The Dark Summer: 2 stars. Eh, this was a bit too short for me to get what was happening. Plus it was conflicted. The girl who disappeared said the bullied girl fell in the sewer, while the classmates at the end said the girl hung herself from the tree. What? The ending also didn’t really make sense to me. So the girl who disappeared was a bully? She didn’t seem to be that. Confusing~

Then we have a little short special for the story about the cats. Apparently the cats are taking over. Creepy idea. Not apocalypse by zombies, nuclear winter, but instead everyone is turned into a cat…. *shivers*

The art is getting better and better with each passing volume, and I am loving it. I didn’t think it could get any prettier, I already loved the art in the first volume.

Will be reading the next volume soon, and then it is waiting for the new month to come again.

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