What I Hope To Read April 2017

What I Hope To Read April 2017

Hello everyone!

March is already almost over, and April is just around the corner! I am already preparing my balcony for Spring/Summer so that I can read lots! It is now still a pinch too cold yet to sit outside long, but I am looking forward to reading books again outside!

April brings quite a few books, my pre-orders are all books I will instantly start reading when they pop in (especially Becky Albertalli’s book, the new Book Scavenger book, and the 3rd The Program book).

I am also listing a book I listed last month again, as it seems to have been moved to April for release, hopefully it will really come out then and not be moved again. 🙁

So let me start! I got a ton of books, and I want to share them all with you. Two last questions before we start: What do you want to read next month? What is your one favourite book coming out next month?

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