And we are back!

And we are back!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog!

I haven’t had internet for 3 days this is why my blog was also down (it is hosted through my boyfriend’s server).

A few days ago some idiot decided it was cool (or should we say hot) to burn down the 2 big containers filled with paper located next to my flat-building. Miracle above miracle the building is still fine (it could have gotten worse), but sadly the internet/tv/etc. box took a big hit and had to be replaced completely. Sadly, this still meant no internet. They had to send someone to check it out, and that wasn’t until today!
Apparently the ones fixing the box did a shoddy job with it, and apparently also the tiny box in our apartment had some problems

But we are back! And I got a ton of fun things for you in stock! Reviews, meme posts, cover reveals, a blog tour, a nerd blast, a library haul! So look forward to that, it will be posted over the coming next days!

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