Library Haul 22-4-2017

Library Haul 22-4-2017

Hi everyone!

I want to wish a happy weekend to you all! Hope you have a bookalicious, relaxing, fun weekend.

So today it was time to head to Library #3 again, I was definitely excited, I had a few books I hoped were still there today. In the end I had to ask for help, and even the librarians had no clue where 2 out of the 3 books where. Probably somewhere in the library. 😛 Because people are too lazy to put the book back in the right place after they read it.

Oh well, I will try again next time (if they are still in the library then). In the end I didn’t mind it that much that I didn’t get those 2 books as well, since I found 11 other books.

Of course, like always, I also went to Library #2 before heading to Library #3 and I got 10 books from there, 9 reservations/on-holds, and 1 book I found while looking around/searching for books. Fun thing, I was searching for 3 books which the catalogue says are in the library, but I never found them anywhere. Oh well, I put up a reservations for the 3 of them, and I will see when the librarians will find them.

So today was really a library-catalogue-says-books-are-there-but-they-aren’t-there-day.

Stats for my books today: 22 new books. 7 comics, 3 graphic novels, 5 non-fiction, 7 fiction. A nice blend of all sorts of books.

First stack is Library #2, second stack is Library #3.

Zó zondag by Wim de Jong, Frank van Dijl, Tal Maes
Draken met stekkers by Edward van de Vendel, Floor de Goede
Opa laat zijn tenen zien: en andere stripgedichten by Edward van de Vendel, Floor de Goede
In Galop! by Stéphanie Ledu, Cécile Hudrisier
Polska by Zuza Zak
Joris Kabeltje by Mies Bouhuys, Fiep Westendorp
Onverwacht dichtbij by Leiden Travelingo, Marja Kerst, Pim Verver
Noortje om te zoenen by Jan Steeman, Patty Klein
Noortje bakt ze bruin! by Jan Steeman, Patty Klein
Noortje om te aaien by Jan Steeman, Patty Klein

The Forgotten Sisters by Shannon Hale
School of Meanies by Daren King, David Roberts
Dragons Can’t Swim by Vivian French, David Melling
Ontaarde Ouders by Sarah Sluimer, Willem Bosch
Maaikes grote dagboekje by Maaike Hartjes
Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
De kronieken van Bane by Cassandra Clare
City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Skim by Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki
Isreal in 60 dagen by Sarah Glidden
Snippers: Liever Surfen by Aimee de Jong
Dating For Geeks: Viral by Kenny Rubenis

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