Library Haul 3-4-2017 (Or the celebration of a new Library #4)

Library Haul 3-4-2017 (Or the celebration of a new Library #4)

Hello everyone!

First up, this will be a long post since I really need to share my excitement for finding a new Library #4. If you don’t want to read it, just scroll down for the pictures and booklist! Next time it will be the normal format again.

Today was a wonderful day, the library I spotted yesterday turned out to be a great one and I have signed myself up (I so love the new system that allows you to go to every library in the country, the only thing I don’t love is how some of the libraries handle that system/how they react to people who want to sign up through that way coughLibrary #1 (2 books at a time), and that one time I visited a prospective Library #4 (2 books per year) cough. So let me tell you how I found it, plus a tiny bit about my quest, plus a whole lot about my new library. After that I got book haul pictures. And in case you are here for just the pictures/list, scroll down. And don’t worry, next time it will be the normal format again.

So I kind of had given up to find a new Library #4. As my readers know I was on the search for a new one because the old one was too far away for me + I had some other more personal reasons to avoid the city of Library #4. I checked one library, came home very disappointed, checked several online, even more disappointment.

But then yesterday, it was a glorious sunny spring day, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk with our Pokemon Go. I set the beginning route, and then it was just walking and walking and we would see how we get home. 😛 After a bit of walking my boyfriend stopped, and said there was a Dratini a bit further at a library. Of course, my reaction wasn’t OMG Dratini kyaaa, but more OMG wait, there is a library? What? When did this happen and how did I not know this? So we decided to set course for the library. It was closed (duh, Sunday), but I could see it was open on Monday. I also checked their website and saw they even had a special site about the new system of guest loaning/borrowing of books. So I was even more curious.

Today I had some time between stuff to hop on my bicycle (not going to walk, even though it is not that far) and within 10 minutes I was at the library. I was a bit nervous, would I like the people who work here? Was the library welcoming/warm/did it have a good atmosphere? How many books did they have? And what about the subscription, would it be the same as Library #1, and the disappointing possible Library #4 from before? Or would it be like Library #3?

I can tell you this, as soon as I walked in it felt homely, warm, and welcoming, I instantly took a liking to the library, and it turned out to be quite a bit bigger than I expected. Still not huge, or very big, but I was happy. There is lots of light, the way the bookcases are standing was fun. Now the next question was, what about the subscription, and also what about the people? Both turned out to be great. The lady at the desk was very kind, helpful. The subscription? I get the standard subscription (they have 2 subscriptions standard and top/best), and that means I can borrow 8 (!!) books, for 3 weeks total, with some other fun things. Of course I had to say yes and get a subscription at this one.

Then a kind lady took me on a tour through their library, explained their system, showed where everything was. She was really sweet, and answered my questions happily. We even talked a bit about books.

After that it was hunting time for me, so I roamed through the library, looking left and right, up and down, to see what they all had, to see what books I would pick this time. They, sadly, but then again, I am not surprised, didn’t have many English books (5 normal/big books at the children’s section, all HP. Some school/easy to read books.  And 1 book case filled both sides (back/front) with English books.

But in the end I came home with 8 new books. Happy I found a new library, happy that I have more books to read and enjoy! I will be visiting this library every 2 or 3 weeks.

Het avontuur met het zadel by Joke Reijnders, Britt Dekkers
Het meisje met de onderrugtattoo by Amy Schumer
Emma’s kampdate by Angela Darling
Happy Love Life by Mascha Feoktistova
Als de dag van toen by Emile Bode, Jessica Bode
Lekker uitpakken by Karin Luiten
Maak van de noot een deugd by Marije Sietsma
De jonge foodie by Alessandra Peters

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