Library Haul 8-4-2017

Library Haul 8-4-2017

Hi everyone!

Just Library #2, but I don’t mind, I had 2 Saturdays of #2 + #3 in a row the last weeks. I am not sure if I was more excited to pick up my on-hold/reserved books or getting the new Yokai Watch game that is out today. 😛

This week I had 12 books on-hold/reserved and I found 2 more books to bring me (I still had one at home). I got quite a few horse books this time, non-fiction and 1 fiction. I read quite a bit about horses, and while I know a bit about the techniques, I want to know more about horses and how to handle them, how certain events are done, and how you can train for that. I also started my new comic project: Noortje! I am not sure if I will read them all, as some of them go back to the years when I was still reading Tina (yes, Noortje is that old). But I will see what I will read, I am quite excited to see Noortje again and see her hilarious antics.

Ah yes,  you may have noticed I am using gifs for my Library hauls, I thought it would be a fun way to differentiate between the posts. This one will be used for Library #2 (it is from the anime Servant x Service), the girl with the giant stack of books and falling over will be used for Library #2 + #3 combined (it is from the anime Bungaku Shoujo), and then lastly is the gif with the girl strolling and stopping to look in a row of bookcases is used for Library #4 (new one) (it is from the anime Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki). Currently it is only used on the latest posts, but I am planning to fix that after I have posted this haul.

So let’s start!

De Paardenprinses by Nico de Braeckeleer, Frieda Van Raevels
De jongste opa van de wereld by Bram Kasse, Marijke Duffhauss
Hetty by Hetty Verolme
De T van Twijfel by Hetty van Aar
BENY 2.0 by Patrick Van Rosendaal, Daan Bauwens
Mijn leven in de wildernis by Miriam Lancewood
Paardenpraat by Britt Dekker, Esra de Ruiter
Heel Holland Bakt met Annemarie by Annemarie Pronk
Handboek vrijheidsdressuur by Jesse Drent, Eva Roemaat
Junior Jumping by Lesley Ward
Bad weather by Georgien Overwater
De voorleestrein by Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder, Eefje Kuijl
Stapelgek! by Jan Steeman, Patty Klein
Paws McDraw: The Fastest Doodler in the West by Connah Brecon

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