Review for Across the Sea

Review for Across the Sea

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The final (nooooess) book in this series.

Just like the previous book this book is told from two POVs, Kian’s and Sarah’s. As those who read my review for the first book know, I didn’t like Kian. And I have to say that the first few parts with him were him being a jealous ass again. But, yes but, he turns around. I quite liked him as his chapters went by, as the pages that featured him in the Sarah POVs passed by. He showed another side to himself. One that is more accepting, more open, more willing to understand people, he is becoming less and less brainwashed, and I suddenly saw a great guy underneath that. Sure, he was still jealous, but I can forgive him for that, he does see that it is no use being jealous. Sarah picked Jinn, and that he should just let them be.
He was so sweet in this book towards Sarah.

Sarah was terrific, though I do have to say I got a bit tired of her constantly saying she wants to kill the President. Yes, girl, we get it. You want to do that, but are you sure you are truly going to do it? You would be the same as him, a killer. Do you want that? But I can understand why she is so determined. Her family is threatened, he is about to destroy everything for a cure, not caring about lives lost, and then there is also Jinn, her lover, the one who was abused so much that he is now dying.

So my first thought, when they found the hard drives/CD Roms, was not “Ohhh, this might help.”. Oh no. My first thought was: “You guys might not know this, but this could just be porn, or cat gifs/pictures. :P” Yes, I am terrible. I have just spent too much time on the internet.

What was going on with Sarah? I just knew it immediately. She had sex with Jinn (in that lovely little alcove) and I am guessing that while they may have some precautions, that it isn't enough to prevent a pregnancy. And then not that long after she first got sick we got this part: The next morning, I'm starting to see a pattern when I wake up and throw up in the bucket I put next to my bed, just in case.
I don't think I'm seasick.
Thus I became curious, how long would she keep this from Kian? This is quite an important thing, if she is really, and truly, pregnant that may complicate things.
I just laughed so hard when the captain instantly knew what was going on, and how he tried to explain it to a clueless Kian. 😛
Later on I was laughing at how surprised Sarah was when Alisa found out. Hey girl, of course she knows. She also had kids, so she probably went through the same stuff.

Kyaaa, Leia and Walter! Sorry, that was just my first reaction when we got to the part where we met these 2 characters from the previous series. I am so happy to see them, that they are happy, alive, and even have a tiny little kid, awww! And they named him Tony! That is even sweeter, Tony indeed did a lot, it is so sweet that they honour and remember him in this way.

I loved seeing Lundy, see what happened to all those people who fled. To see what they made from that island. And how they are now living together on a much smaller island than Tresco.
Plus we saw Saul again, I didn’t quite like him in the previous series (because of what he did), but he really changed. He found someone who loves him, and someone he can love. I loved the amends he made towards Kian in this one. Plus his kid’s names were perfection!

It was fantastic to see how everything tied together. How stories and histories were connected. Of course we already knew that these series are connected and the previous book also showed the connections, but, and this is how I feel, it wasn’t until this book, especially the Lundy part, that I truly felt the connection between the stories. It just all tied up neatly.

Haha, Sarah was quite oblivious about Kian and how he feels about her. Girl, really? You never saw that? Oh my. Oh my. 😛

I liked how no one was at all weirded out by the king and who he married. When that titbit popped up I was already thinking, oh dear, this will end up badly. Given how every one of these people have had some form of religion/doctrine in their youth. But it seems they are quite open about these things, which really made me happy.

It was also fun to see old technology pop up again, we already saw various things in the previous book, but we now also see hard drives, USB sticks, and computers. There is also talk about Cloud and Online, and you can just imagine how confused people are about this all.

And then the ending, and how everything got together, and how everything was resolved. It was perfection. It was beautiful, and I noticed I was just tearing up. I am so happy with the ending, I won’t say much, but I loved it. The epilogue from Sarah’s POV was just, I am just so happy that it was added. It was something I was hoping would still happen.

I will definitely miss this series, I am still hoping for some sort of prequel, with the earlier days, when everything just went down, or right before everything turned for the worse.

This series and the previous one are all highly recommended.

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