Review for Cowboy Pug

Review for Cowboy Pug

A new Pug book, this time we are going cowboy! Hiya, howdy partner!

As I said in my previous book’s review, I just adore pugs. They are one of my favourite animals, and I just love it when they get featured in a book.

It took me a bit of time to get back in the flow of the book (had to figure out who Miranda was again), but when I was into it, well I couldn’t stop and I just galloped right through this book.

Miranda has a new hobby in this one, horse riding and being a cowboy. Well, she doesn’t really do real horse riding (at least not in the beginning, more that she is riding a stick horse. Later on though we meet Horsey and thus begins a whole new adventure for both Miranda and the Pug.

Well, not only Miranda and her Pug, but also her loyal people who always carry her around in a big sedan chair, and we also meet a new character, named Frank (I had such a laugh when he introduced himself and that happened, yep, I would have done the same as Miranda did).

I loved how brave Pug was, especially since we quickly see that he isn’t really into all this horse business. He would rather just do something calmer. But yet, he does all those things that happen in the book, and more. He and Horsey become friends, and he even tames a big wild beast!

Horsey was definitely a favourite of mine, I loved his reactions (how he would look at his hooves if he got a compliment), and I loved how he found inner strength thanks to Miranda and Pug.

I didn’t quite like the police woman. I can see a lot of things going wrong in her future if she acts like this.

The book is, like the previous one, filled to the brim with fun, lovely, illustrations. Like the previous book this one also follows a colour theme, this one red/yellow/gray.

All in all, I loved this book to bits. Miranda is such a sweetheart, Pug is cute and brave, and I hope we will see more of Horsey and Frank in the future. Highly recommended!
I can’t wait for Safari Pug to come out!

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