Review for Cream Buns and Crime

Review for Cream Buns and Crime

When I first heard about this book (months ago) I thought it would just be a short stories bundle with new and old ones. Imagine my delight when I got the book a few days ago and saw it wasn’t only that, but also tips, tricks, and all sorts of other fun things.

There was a lot of good to this book, I enjoyed the Daisy and Hazel stories the most, but I think I loved the tips/tricks, and also favourite detective books, favourite detectives the most. Especially how it was written. A lot of those were written from the POV of one of the characters (Hazel, Daisy, or one of the Pinkertons) and they were (duh) written from their time, so there would still be a lot of speculation on future books that we in this time already know of, plus all the authors are still alive and well. It was oh so much fun, like I was transported into time, see how it was from their POV, their excitement for future books.

I loved what books inspired this series, it was so much fun to read, plus all the little references that the author used. I also found 3 or so new authors, and I wish I could read them, but sadly none of my libraries I am member of have them. sighs I guess they are either too old, or it is because they are English.
Then the author also told us about the Golden Age of Detectives and the rules she uses (or breaks) when writing the series.

We also have codes and what kinds there are. How to set up your own detective society, and much much more. It was a packed bundle of everything you love and more. I am sure it will inspire a lot of kids to make their own detective societies and make their own codes.

I did like that the author didn’t only add Hazel and Daisy, but also added the Pinkertons, they aren’t really my favourite group, but eh, it was nice to see them get a bit of the spotlight.

The only thing I didn’t quite like, and was something I didn’t particularly like in the normal books, is how Daisy treats Hazel at times. I just wanted to smack her on her head for being so selfish and demeaning. Like Hazel is nothing more than a sidekick, that she needs to be trained so she doesn’t do x and y. It is just such a shame. I can also see that they are friends, but at times I just don’t see it.

But all in all, I really quite liked this book and I enjoyed it greatly. I would recommend this book to everyone, but be sure to read the other books first. While a lot of this can be enjoyed without having read the other stuff, there are still enough spoilers about the books, plus you won’t know who the Pinkertons are.

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