Review for Geekerella

Review for Geekerella

Wow, I had high hopes for this one, and it turned out to be the perfect Cinderella modern version retelling!

Really, every detail that is in the Cinderella story is in this one! Not only the evil stepmom, the stepsisters, but also the godmother (Sage), the chariot (the pumpkin food truck), the prince (Darien). It even has the escaping to a ball (the con) without mom knowing. Not only that, there is also a slipper and much much more! It was just perfection. Of course there are some elements that are different, like Elle texting with Darien (the prince). But I definitely have to say I love that it was added. The prince had an even bigger love for his princess than he had in the Cinderella story. Plus now it makes more sense. And yes, I know, they didn’t know each other’s identities, but we, as the reader knew, and we knew how it would end.

The only reason the book didn’t get a 5+ star is because of the stepmom and one of the twins. The stepmom and what she did was just abuse and I disliked the woman so much. I know she isn’t your daughter, I know it may be hard, her father did stuff that wasn’t always right, but to treat her like crap? No. Just no. To make her do everything, to be mean to her. Urgh. I just wanted to shake the woman and report her to some service that would protect Elle.
Chloe was also terrible. She was mean, rude, and she did some really terrible things in this story. I know, I know, just like the mom she is meant to be this in the Cinderella story, but I just couldn’t stand it.

Thankfully, one of the sisters turned out to be quite different. I already had my suspicions in the beginning of the story and was happy to see them confirmed. And no, I won’t tell you what is so different about the sister. 😛 I can just say that she became a quick favourite of mine.

I have never heard anyone shorten the name Danielle to Elle though, and I know quite a few Danielle’s, so that was a surprise for me. I hadn’t expected her name to be Danielle. But I was quite happy with the name for a personal reason. 🙂 Plus it is not often that one finds a book with a MC with that name!

Danielle was such a sweet, kind, friendly, and above all, brave girl. I loved how she started to slowly get out of her shell, get out of her restricted life, and found love, but also friendship. I was worried she wouldn’t get along with Sage after all, but then things happened, and the most wonderful friendship bloomed between them.
I also love Danielle’s nerdy side, I know the feeling of being very defensive about a fandom, or a book, or a series. At times I found her a bit too feisty, at times a bit rude, but I could see her point, and I loved that she didn’t put her feelings in a hiding place.

Darien was such a wonderful character, he was so sweet, nice, and I loved how different he was in his POV from what we see through the eyes of Danielle. Sure, you could see that side in Danielle’s POV through the texts, but since she doesn’t know that the person she is texting is Darien I won’t count it.
And yes, sometimes I found him a bit entitled, but then again, I can imagine that he might act like that, not saying it is OK, but saying I understand. As the story continues you see how much pressure there is for him, how his dad is treating him, what happened in the past (before this movie), and so much more. I was quite delighted that for most he was such a sweetheart, and I loved his nerdier side. He was perfect for the movie.

Sage, Sage, ah, Sage. I just adored that girl. It took me a bit to warm up to her, but when I did, I just wanted more Sage. She was so kind and understanding, helping out Danielle in so many ways. I also laughed quite a few times at her snark!

The convention was perfection, and I could just imagine myself there, along with both Darien and Danielle. Looking at them meeting, finding out more about Danielle’s dad, seeing all the fun events that they went to.

The texts? Well, I just love it when texts are added to a story, especially when they bring two characters together who probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. Both characters were so open and honest about things and I laughed so hard at the Starfield references they managed to cram into a lot of them.

The ending? It was everything I was hoping for and more! I won’t say much more, as that would spoil it, but I am sure everyone will love it.

Phew, this review got quite long. I may have missed a few things, but I think I mentioned most of the things I wanted to tell.
I will with saying that everyone should try out this book.

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