Review for Giant Days Vol. 4

Review for Giant Days Vol. 4

The art is getting better and better! Very fun volume, though at times a bit confusing as stuff did jump around.

So the fourth volume, finally I could continue reading the story, see what would happen to Esther, would she get back to university, or would she stay away from it all? I was really eager to continue reading after the cliffhanger in the last book.

I can imagine why Esther wanted to quit with school, we can clearly see that she isn’t feeling well, her world seems mostly black/white when we get to her POV, and I just wanted to hug her. However I didn’t like how she burst out like she did towards her parents. What did you think they would say? Did you think that they would be happy with you just throwing away all this? Yes, you are not feeling well, we can see that, but just be honest with your parents about it. They don’t really get it unless you tell them. Plus they have paid for your education, and not only that, but everything else as well. I can imagine full well that the parents won’t be happy. Thus I was also happy with what they said at the ending, yes, it is harsh, but it will be a good lesson for Esther. Maybe next time she will think a bit more before shouting stuff.

Plus I was quite surprised at how quickly she was feeling better again. In the next chapters she just turned all around and became sparkly, happy, and well, um, quite a bit horny (poor film guy). It just felt like I was missing something, or that time went by a bit faster than it seemed.

At times the story seemed to hopscotch all over the place. One moment x would happen, and then we would run to y. In the end I just went with it and enjoyed the book as it came.

I loved the house hunt, and also the rivalry between the guys and the girls. It is quite a bit of trouble, but I was happy for girls in the end. It was hilarious to see all the various houses, and home owners. From a house full of happy drugs (that cloud was brilliant) to a guy who looks like Mario. 😛

Then we have a fair bit of romance/flirting. Susan is still getting over her breakup. (Though I still feel those two should get together again, they are just adorable.) But it was fun to see her try to go on dates and how terrible those were. Esther trying to get back on the romance horse (and flirting left and right), and then just taking the matter in her own hands (poor guy). Daisy also gets a bit of romance, though I am not entirely happy with it. For starters it was pretty forced, and second I hated the character. Too bad that the character will be around more. I hope she (though I found she was a he the entire time) will change for the better.

The art is really getting better and better with each volume. The characters look even prettier, the backgrounds are better, and in overall I just can’t stop staring at it. At times I was just drooling over the gorgeous art.

All in all, I quite enjoyed this volume and I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

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