Review for High School Debut Vol.11

Review for High School Debut Vol.11

Yay, ding dong the witch is gone!

This was on one side the worst volume, but also the best. The worst because that terrible girl did all those things to both Yoh and Haruna. I hated what she did to them. That is not how you will get a boy, really, no. Is it all just so fun to you to toy with people’s feelings? I know you feel unhappy, you feel depressed, but do you really need to hurt others as well to make you feel better? I really hope that this girl will not come back, or will only make a normal cameo, maybe apologise for real instead of what she did in this one. Bah, terrible character.

It was quite funny that Haruna gained weight so fast, it is something we see in manga/anime (like Kiss Him Not Me). She was just so round, it didn’t fit her at all. 😛 It was a bit unrealistic to see how fast she lost her weight though. Then again, with how time goes by in this manga, maybe it has been a few weeks instead of, what it felt to me, a few days.

And it was also the best because of the overnight trip planning. Oh Lord, Haruna how are you so oblivious to what that means to a guy. Of course Yoh already knew she was like this, but he is still hoping for something at least. It was so hilarious to see Haruna finding out what overnight trips entail, and then also going for it.

I am quite curious as to what the trip will bring, I hope a lot of romance. That is something I definitely miss in this manga. They have been a couple for 10 months now, but even Takeo and Yamato (from Ore Monogatari) have more chemistry and romance moments than these two. And that says a lot!

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