Review for High School Debut Vol.13

Review for High School Debut Vol.13

I am a bit confused, with this ending I would expect it to be over, but there are still 2 volumes? Eh? What will they be about? Marriage? Proposals? Adult-ish (in case of Haruna) situations in relationships? Something totally different?

Yep, this volume definitely felt final to me. Haruna and Yoh had a good talk (well, OK, semi-good) about their future, about Yoh moving to Tokyo for college, about Haruna’s plans, about how they will stay in contact. I just was cheering for these 2, I am sure they will be together forever. They are a supercute couple, and while it was at times a bit cringy, I can see their chemistry.
Add to that the graduation that happened, the big farewell, and then the last pages that fast forward to a year later.

Next to all the seriousness we also have a skiing trip (though it was more a falling over everything trip for Haruna). It was quite hilarious how she reacted when someone was interested in her, and how she didn’t know how to reject him. Yoh immediately wanted to stay with her and not go to college because he could see her being naive enough to just walk away with all the boys around her. 😛

Then there is a meeting with Yoh’s parents. I didn’t quite like the mom, she is a lot like Asami. Quite protective over her precious Yoh, and it just annoyed me. I found her quite rude, and I am glad to see that other characters also thought the same thing. She turned out to be quite nice in the end, but poor Haruna is traumatised and doesn’t want to go back any more.

And lastly it is time for graduating, where did the time go? I did think it was a shame that we don’t find out what Asaoka and Fumi are going to do now (unless I missed something), I know that Yoh and Haruna are the main focus, but these 2 are also important to the story.
I was crying at the last part when Yoh and Haruna were saying goodbye to each other. sniffles And then I was laughing at the last pages, oh Yoh, you never change. Your girl looks gorgeous, but of course you have to say that. Haha.

Well, I got 2 more volumes left, and I am really curious as to what will happen in those 2 volumes.

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