Review for High School Debut Vol.15

Review for High School Debut Vol.15

Dear author, your hair doesn’t magically grow to be way over your shoulders in 5 months time. 😛 (As we saw her with long hair in the last pages of volume 13.)

It seems we only had one more chapter for this Long-Distance story, what a shame, I wouldn’t have minded more of them, or at least seeing them go through those last 5 months and planning to live together (since I am guessing they will be doing that given they are going to the same school, are 18+, and are in a relationship, plus I am also sure it is cheaper to do that then to have 2 places).

The next stories are all spin-offs. The first one is mostly from Hara’s POV. I didn’t quite like the guy and how he judged Yoh. In the end he turned to be nice, but I still don’t like him that much. Of course he would think that Asami is Yoh’s girlfriend, he really doesn’t have any pictures which are good from Haruna, well, OK there was one 😛

The next story is about Asami. Not my favourite girl, and add to that we have another girl who I don’t like. She is named Lira and is being quite bleh towards Asami (though she has a point about Asami’s personality). I didn’t like how Lira went after Fumi, and how she was flirting with him. That is just no, no. He is in a relationship, you know that full well, and you just do all those things? Bah. No. You are just as bad as Asami is, or at least, how she used to be. These days she still has a pretty bad attitude, but that is centred on other things. She is pretty faithful to Fumi. If only she would be a bit nicer.

Haha, the next story was absolutely brilliant. Of course we knew she passed already so this should rather have been done as chapter 5, and the other chapter as 6. But eh, it was still fun to read. I loved how she kept seeing Yoh everywhere, even offering her food. Girl, you need to go to bed right now if you are seeing that. Yoh of course knows her so he sends her text which has her going in a frenzy.

The next story takes place at karaoke, and I had fun reading it. I wonder where it falls in the main story. Before or after the graduation? Yoh is pretty knowledgeable about what songs not to sing, and also what not to do during karaoke. I wonder how he knows all that stuff.

Awwwwwwwww, this was just sooooooooooo sweet. sniffles and wipes away her tears This had nothing to do with the series, I don’t think I would miss such a big guy. But it was just so sweet and perfect. I loved them both and I was rooting for them since the start. Awwww!

And thus a series comes to an end, I will miss this series, it was a bit awkward and cringey, but also hilarious, cute, fun, and I was rooting for everyone. I would highly recommend this series to everyone.

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