Review for Look

Review for Look

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well. This sounded better than it actually was. Maybe I am just not awake enough for this one, or maybe my mind just isn’t in the right setting for this, but I can tell you I was utterly bored for almost all of the 146 pages. There were a few parts that had me laughing, and 1 part that had me surprised (Owen). But that was all.

The first 3 pages were pretty nice, and I was looking forward to the rest. Now I wish I just had stopped at those 3 pages.

I also still have no clue what I read. So our robot is now searching for a purpose? Wandering around? Making friends on the way? Something like that I guess? Then we also have a bad guy or 2 popping up at random intervals.

I am guessing this world is without humans, given all we have seen I guess one day there were humans. I am curious as to what happened to them. Did the robots take over? Or did the humans just meet their end in a less than drastic way? Eh?

Artie and Owen were pretty good characters, and I quite liked their friendship. They really went through fire for each other. They were also what kept me reading. I wanted to see if they both survived this journey.

The art was pretty OK, it did fit the story perfectly.

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