Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.11

Review for Ore Monogatari Vol.11

A new volume with lots of events happening!

We continue on the theme of the previous volume, Takeo wants to do much more with Yamato, but doesn’t dare doing them, and actually feels bad for feeling those feelings. He is trying to hide them, but Yamato actually wants her boyfriend to show those feelings. Show that he wants to touch her, to be close to her. It is quite an interesting dilemma, and while it was overdramatized, it is something that I recognise from my own relationships. So I was hoping for these 2 to finally have some time to talk things over. Yamato being honest that she wants Takeo to show those feelings, that she is OK with them, that she doesn’t mind if he wants to touch her, and Takeo being honest to Yamato that he has those feelings, that he wants to try them out with her. The conclusion to this was really sweet, and I actually teared up in happiness. Finally, these two had a chance to chat, and I can’t wait to see how this will go for them.

Extra points of yay go to the kissing scene. They don’t kiss that much, but I definitely still remember those earlier kisses. It often looked like Takeo was eating Yamato. However in this one? It was just so sweet, and it looked like a proper kiss between a girl and boy. I was just squeeing and, again, tearing up because I was so happy that it finally looked normal. <3

It was also fun seeing both Yamato and Takeo’s class on a school trip. What a coincidence that they both went to the same place!

I also loved how Yamato was trying to get stronger, she didn’t want to be such a bother to Takeo (you will never be, girl!). And Takeo was really sweet about it and even offered to help her out with things. He was a bit overkill, but I definitely enjoyed seeing Yamato’s expressions when he helped her out. She totally forgot to tell him that she was dying, instead she was totally going for it and drooling over her handsome boyfriend. 😛

I am not to sure how to feel about the new arc that is starting now. There is a new transfer student in town and I didn’t quite like him from the start. I am not sure how to explain, but he just has that vibe that screams; STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY.
I didn’t quite like Sunakawa as well in the last pages, I wish he was just honest with Takeo. Instead of avoiding him and just going to do all that stuff with the new transfer student. New friends are OK, but you shouldn’t just forget about your old friends. Poor Takeo felt terrible, and wasn’t sure what to do.
We also see our stalker girl again, seems she is still going after Sunakawa.

All in all, a very eventful volume with lots of developments happening, and while I am not happy about the new arc, I still can’t wait to see how it will continue in the next one. Hopefully there won’t be too much pain and hurt.

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