Review for Shugo Chara Vol.1

Review for Shugo Chara Vol.1

What does one do when one has a not so good day and also can’t do much because of reasons? Indeed, read, read and more reading, and I decided to re-read this series. I loved the anime, but I know my first run with the manga wasn’t that good. So I was curious if my second run would be better!

The first volume is all about introductions. We meet Amu who acts all tough but actually wants to be more than just that. Which is also the reason why this girl gets not one egg, but three eggs. One sporty, one arty, and one who loves baking.

I quite liked Amu, she was interesting, and I do recognize the feeling she has. Outwardly she does x and y, but actually she wants to z and a. Sometimes I found her a bit mean, but I again, I can imagine why, I wouldn’t like it too much either, if suddenly my persona would change like that and I would do the things that Amu did.

Her and Ikuto’s relationship? Or at least the big container full of squee and romance that is pouring over these two? I know I was a big shipper of this couple, even more so than the Prince x Amu (I just didn’t think the Prince fit her that much). However, it did feel a bit wrong. Amu is still in elementary school (so say 11/12, at least going by the ages here and also by how Amu and the others look), and Ikuto is (at least going by his appearances) 16/17. Eh. But even with that, I still can’t help shipping them. They are just too adorable together.

There was a lot of action going on in this one, and a lot of questions are popping up. X-eggs, guardian eggs, the embryo, what is going on with Ikuto & Utau. I know they will all get answered in the end, so I am looking forward to it.

The art is, well it is Peach-Pitt, wonderful, I so love Peach-Pitt’s style of drawing. Though at times Amu looked way younger than she actually is. But in overall? I was squeezing at the lovely art, and wishing I could have all the clothes. 😛

I am definitely happy I decided to re-read this series. It is a fun series, and I laughed out loud at all that happened in Amu’s life. Not only for the antics of the eggs, or Ikuto’s sudden appearances, but also for Amu’s family.

I would recommend this one to everyone looking for a cute, fun, sweet manga.

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