Review for Shugo Chara Vol.6 to Vol.10

Review for Shugo Chara Vol.6 to Vol.10

These will be short reviews for Vol.6 to Vol.10.

Volume 6: 4.5 stars. I so didn’t like Rima’s parents. No wonder Rima is acting like this, again, still not a real excuse for her bitchiness, but I can imagine that she might not be able to smile as much as she wants with those parents. Rima’s parents need to liven up a bit and see that they are hurting their daughter. I hope that they will soon see this and can be happier (or divorce if you really can’t stand each other).

Ha! Yep, the next chapter brought a nice twist (or at least for the Guardians, as they hadn’t expected this event to happen).  We learn how the CDs are made, and OMG, I totally forgot they were made that way. That is so terrible. All those poor kids.

Oh my, oh my, oh my, so many things are happening. I love how everyone can transform thanks to the locket, and how Ikuto and Utau can do that thanks to the key. I was so happy for Utau and also for her manager, I knew she wasn’t evil, she just needed to find her spark again. To see a better future. I am glad about Diamond too, Amu found her sparkle and I am so happy that she finally found her answer. Now it is just waiting for Diamond to come out on her own. Sometime in the future.

Kyaa, I saw it coming, but I was still delighted with what happened at the ending. Yes, there was a tinge of sadness surrounding it, but I am sure that everything will be fine in the end.

Also was that Nadeshiko? Or someone else? I am curious!


Volume 7: 3 stars. A bit too much dramarama for me, plus I felt the Prince was a bit over his head with his confession. It was cute, and I was happy that he finally found the strength to confess, but instead of giving Amu time he just kept saying it (I love you), even calling her by her first name, and then also getting pissed when he finds out that Ikuto was in the room when he confessed. Um, dude, what did you want her to do? Get him out of her closet? Tell you about him? That would have been infinitesimal worse. And sure, Ikuto was a bit mean about the confession, but that is Ikuto for you.  sighs

The best parts were with Nadeshiko, um Nagihiko. I do hope that he will be honest with Amu one day though. Until then I am going to enjoy the chaos and how different Nagihiko is from Nadeshiko. Plus apparently even his guardian eggs think that, as he now has two of them! Temari, and another one. For each side of him one. That side story was brilliant, especially the last part. 😛

We also learn more about Ikuto, Utau and their family and how they got stuck with Easter. I am worried for both of them. Utau seems to be doing better with each day, but she is still hurting. Ikuto seems to be deeper in crap than before, and I really don’t trust that violin. I just wish Ikuto would have seen it before things happened.

I had a laugh when Amu found Ikuto in her bed. And how she apparently was totally OK with it in the end.

Also Amu sure is popular with the guys. Kaiki, Tadase, and Ikuto!

Another cliffhahger at the end! Oh my, oh my.


Volume 8: 4 stars. Oh my, so much is happening in this one, we are truly going for the last spurt. Just a bit more to go. This book was chock-full of excitement, twists and turns, but also a bit of a background story on how Tadase, Ikuto, and Utau used to live together/or at least were really close. I felt so sorry for all 3 of them, especially Ikuto and Utau. Thankfully they also had someone who did care about them, the grandmother.

Poor Ikuto, totally manipulated by Easter, he is trying to fight, but he can’t win this. He needs help. He needs Amu and her friends to save him from this cursed fate. But I feel that it won’t be so easy. I feel that it won’t be done in just one blast.

Nagihiko’s egg also comes out, and we also get a bit of background on him which fits with the eggs he is battling. I loved his new egg, but I was also happy that Temari awoke again as well. She is so sweet and pretty.

The Queens’ Waltz was pretty, and I am glad those two are now friends!

On to the next volume! I want to see how this series ends (it has faded enough that I don’t know exactly what will happen, yay!).


Volume 9: 4.5 stars! Wow, the 9th volume, and boy oh boy, so much happened. Sad things, brave things, amazing things, we have new transformations, new teams are forming (Utau and Yaya should do more together), and everyone is doing epic things.

I definitely loved that we saw Diamond again, she is so cute, and I love her transformation with Amu. But Amu also has another transformation and I think I have found my favourite transformation of them all. She looked so gorgeous.

I guess they found out how the lock and the key get together, and what it is holding. I was definitely sniffling a bit at all the memories that poured out of it. Poor Ikuto. He hasn’t had the easiest of lives. Losing all that, then being forced to do x and y, manipulated, and more.

His new transformation, or well, his true transformation, was just epicness. I love how he and Amu fit together. I know I was squeeing in delight. Their chemistry just went through the roof.

Of course the volume ends with a cliffhanger. But this time, and just for this once, I found that it fitted perfectly. I am really excited to see how everything will end! Boss revelation in 3, 2, 1… go!


Volume 10: 4 stars. I just found out there are 11 volumes? I totally forgot this one had another volume. Weird. Um, yeah, well this is the end for me. I am not planning to re-read the last one. It just feels silly. Well, the last few pages feel like weird to me. Everything is pretty much solved. Yeah, we haven’t found the embryo, but I didn’t expect them to do that anymore.

But now all of the sudden Amu lost her Guardian Eggs? Only Diamond remains? Urgh. No.

Everything was just so cleanly tied up. Ikuto’s past, his mom and his stepdad, who the actual boss was (and it was kind of as I had expected), there were farewells, goodbyes, but also welcome backs. We found out what that shiny egg was and to whom it belongs.

I definitely was happy with everything, and I teared up a bit when Ikuto told Amu that and also did such a sweet thing (loved the people around them and their reactions). They definitely are the best couple for me. Sure, it is a bit creepy that Amu is just 12-ish and Ikuto is almost 18… But eh.

All in all, I definitely enjoyed reading these 10 volumes, the series is really good. It has some silly stuff going on, but often even those silly things fit pretty well with the story. The art is amazing (but duh, it is Peach Pit). The characters are fun. The transformations are pretty. I would recommend this series to everyone!


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