Review for The Adjustment

Review for The Adjustment

Squee! A new The Program book and not another of those prequels.

This won’t be a super-long review because otherwise I would have to spoiler tag a lot of things. 😛

I was also really excited because this one takes place after all the chaos, after The Program, or well is it all truly over? This book had so many things happening, bad and good, that I feel like The Program is still around. Still having power in one way or another.

I was really doubting that Adjustment program. It seems just a bit too good to be true + add to that all the stuff that happens… I am not sure if it really is good for anyone. On the one hand, it may help for some, it is quite an interesting idea with how it works, and I could see it working, if applied well. If handled with the right care afterwards. It would be wonderful if this was the way to go. If this was the cure for everyone who lost their memories due to The Program.
It was quite interesting to see the process of The Adjustment, and how Tatum found out about it (not only through word of mouth, but also on her own).

This book is also not only about Wes, about his return, about his life, his memories. Oh no. You quickly notice that our MC is just as deeply interwoven in all of this. I noticed quite fast that there was more to Tatum than meets the eye. I can’t really go into details, but there were hints everywhere, and as the book progressed and we found out more and more, the more I grew suspicious of Tatum.

Wes and Tatum? I don’t know, I just didn’t like the two of them together. It seems awkward, weird, and not only because of Wes’ missing memories. Wes was a pretty sweet boy, and he definitely deserved better parents. But Tatum was gung ho on getting him back that it was a bit creepy. Yes, I can imagine she missed him like hell, she wants him back, but her behaviour, going after him like that, acting all disappointed (while he can’t help it that he doesn’t know), it was just too much. She never gave him time to readjust to his life, his school, everything. And she also didn’t listen to a drop of advice from her friends.
I wasn’t that surprised when THAT came out. I was more like: “HA, I knew it!”

We also have two other characters, Nathan and Foster. I like Foster a lot, he was interesting and fun, though I also felt so sorry for all he had to go through, and still is going through. Nathan, eh, he was sweet, and he had good intentions, but more often than not, I was annoyed with him. He was just a bit too pushy for my liking.

The ending, and well the last chapters leading up to that ending, OMG OMG. While I had my suspicions, there will still a lot of things that were revealed that I didn’t expect at all! It really sets the tone for the next book. I can’t wait for that to come out and find more about all that is revealed!

Mm, what more? I think I have covered all the basics, I wish I could go into things a bit deeper, but I just can’t. All I want to say is that everyone should read this book (be sure to also have read the other 2 books). It was a great, interesting, fun book and I flew right through it.

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