Review for The Dressage Chronicles

Review for The Dressage Chronicles

I just love books about horses, about riding, about dressage, about eventing, and this book has that and so much more!

I started reading this book on my ereader last year, but quickly found out that I couldn’t really read it that way (I am still a physical book girl). Then started the long wait for this book to be affordable (sorry I don’t think 20-40 euro for a book (paperback) is affordable) (which meant keeping an eye on the Amazon marketplace and hope) and then the long wait for it to be delivered. And then finally this month it was here!

Then I found out that the book was really slow, like slow slow. It was good, but I really had to push myself to read. Some books just have that, they are good, but they are so slow. It feels like it takes ages to get through one page.

I am deviating from my normal review format and I will make a good/bad review!

-The fact this isn’t just about the happy sides of horse riding/about training. We see our MC Lizzy work very hard, running left and right, cleaning, taking care of horses, braiding, helping everyone out. At times it is hard, and Lizzy doesn’t shy away from letting the reader know this.
Often when I read books there is some hardship, but nothing like this book. At times I just felt so sorry for Lizzy, but I also admired her for how she just kept on going on and on. Sometimes she was ready to just throw in the towel, but quite soon she just found renewed passion.
Plus you could really see her improve as time went on. She got better at time managing, better at riding, better at so many things, and I was loving it.
-This is a slight repeat of the above one, but I feel it is also different enough to warrant its own part. It was quite fun that it showed everything there was to horse riding. Not just horse riding, events, but also braiding, cleaning, bringing the horses, it shows all the hard work that goes into it. Time managing at its best. 😛
-The drama~! Every so often it was a bit too much for me, but mostly I just loved it. It was like watching a soap opera with horses! There were relationship troubles, an evil boss, old and new rich stuff, and much more! Every time you think that it was over, BAM, a new drama finds its way to worm into the lives of these characters.
-The horse riding. The events (there are quite a few) were fun to read about. Especially Lizzy’s rides were fun, I had such a laugh when her horse decided to just leave the arena.
-Seeing all the horses and their personalities. From Rave the old tired horse to Winsome the slightly chubby but sweet mare of Lizzy. It was great fun to see how each of them was a different horse. Wild Child was a pretty terrible horse though. That attitude… why would you want that horse?
-The romance. It was well interwoven with the story. It never bothered me, though I have to say that I wasn’t really shipping Ryan and Lizzy at first. Later on I could see the appeal of this couple. Ryan was quite sweet towards Lizzy, but in the end I wanted to kick his butt. 😛
-Then there are a ton of other things that I quite liked about the story, from Lizzy, to Margot (though I really had to warm up to her, at first I found her a bit too much), to Emma (she was a bit hit-miss but she had a good personality under all the drama and silliness), to the time that Lizzy went to Ryan’s parents house, and I could just go on and on.

-I was quite disgusted when she had to do that to horse penis. Um, eww, was it really needed to go into such big details? I get that it is probably necessary for some reason to do this kind of thing, but ewwwww. To much information. No, just no.
-I didn’t like how often they grabbed tranquillisers. Oh we need to shave the horse and she doesn’t want to work with us? Just dope her up, and done. And that is just one example. I was quite shocked at how often it happened.
-Francesca. Really, she was just over the top, and I despised her from the start. She was mean, rude, and I disliked how she never had a compliment for anyone. Yes, she did a few nicer things, but I am sure she only did that to manipulate someone to stop complaining. She is a terrible person, and I just wanted her out of the story.
-The worldbuilding. Often with books I can vividly see the world as it is described. However with this one? Just a few instances where I could see myself standing next to the MC and seeing what she saw. This is such a shame. 🙁
-I hated how Lizzy was dismissive of people who wanted an ordinary life. And not once, but twice. She wants to be accepted herself, that people understand her passion, yet she is totally not accepting of others.
-Ryder. Urgh. Why do they need to add this kind of character to the mix? Isn’t Francesca bad enough?

All in all, I did quite enjoy this book. I hope to one day be able to read the next two books. I would recommend this book to everyone.


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