Review for The Flying Carpet Thief

Review for The Flying Carpet Thief

A new Wings & Co mystery with flying carpets, fairies, leprechauns, and genies.

Finally it is out! I have been waiting for this book since 2015 (well even 2014 given that is when the last book came out), even pre-ordering it back then, then cancelling when it never got published (the date kept changing/disappearing/other stuff happened), and now finally ordering it again because it is out!

I flew through this book and enjoyed each and every moment. I just couldn’t stop reading until I reached the last page and the story was finished.

This time we have 3 POV, plus a few smaller parts with side characters. The characters this time are George, a new character who isn’t happy with his home situation and comes across a flying carpet in his own home, after that his life becomes quite different very fast. And I hope we will see him in the next books again.
Of course there is Emily, our heroine and my favourite character, she is still getting accustomed to the whole Keeper of the Key stuff and still feels so insecure about everything. This time she gets stuck on a flying carpet with the lamp and thus her adventures start. I love seeing her get braver and really accept her Keeper of Keys role. She is really growing up, and I can’t wait to see what adventures she will have in the next books. Plus I do hope she learns a bit more about the mysterious (and slightly annoying) keys.
Lastly we have Buster, not my favourite character at all (with his attitude, though I am noticing he seems to be changing a bit more which is a delight to see). He is the one stuck at the Wings & Co and he is the one going to investigate the things happening in Podge Bottom (with the flying carpets and Enzo being there). I have to say I didn’t like his POV stuff that much, though the arrival from Lettice was making everything better, that lady is just too awesome!

Even though it has been 3 years since I last read a Wings & Co, I didn’t have any trouble with figuring out what was going on, it was like I never left. I just stepped into the story and I was back in their world. This was quite a nice experience. I was worried I may have to revisit the other stories (that I would have minded that).

I loved how even though we have 3 POV and 2 of them are doing x, and 1 is doing y, they all just get together in the end. Everything was tied up together. I just adore it when books do that. Make you seem like things are quite a bit different, but then BOOM, everything comes together and you just go AHHHH and squee happily.

We have a new character joining us in this book, and he was quite a fun character to meet. I also loved how sweet he was towards his new friend.

It was also very exciting, I was worried for the queen, I was wondering what would happen now that everyone has seen those carpets (then again, it seems that most of the adults just go to do their own stuff, which was quite hilarious to see, they just didn’t acknowledge it). I laughed my butt off during the Enzo x Lettice parts (I actually felt sorry for the guy).

I also learned that apparently all the right flying carpets have sat nav installed. 😛
And clouds can be mailmen (such a fun idea, though I do wonder if letters don’t get wet, or if there is some magic preventing that from happening).

Of course the book has illustrations on a lot of the pages and they were great. The art style has been my favourite since the beginning of the series, it just fits so well with the series and the stuff that is happening.

I would recommend this book to everyone, and I am hoping we will have many more books in this series to come.

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