Review for The Loud House #1: Fullest House

Review for The Loud House #1: Fullest House

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I never heard of this show, then again I don’t live in America. 😛 But I still had to have this comic as it sounded like a good bunch of fun.

However, right of the bat I have to give -1 star for my e-copy. It is a nice idea to have a choose your own adventure story, however that just doesn’t work for an e-copy, especially on tablet, and if it doesn’t have clickable links (then again I can’t imagine clickable links working in a pdf on a tablet). I can’t really easily flip back and forth on my tablet, plus the numbering isn’t right either. It is at least 1 or 2 pages off. 😐 So I just read the story as it was, and when I came across the remote control stuff, I just treated it as the normal story even though I was annoyed at it all. Such a shame.

But the rest of the story was a delight, it was a bit too magical at times how each of the sisters (and also Lincoln) differed so much. They looked the same for most (either brown, yellow or white hair + same-ish face), but really, each one has a different personality? Totally different, that I even wondered if these kids were really a family, or if they just got thrown together. I know at times families can be different, but this was a bit too extreme. I guess that is the selling point or something?

I am definitely glad we didn’t get to see any diaper antics in this one. I am not sure if I would have continued reading if that happened.

I did love that, while at times fighting, went along so well for most of the book. This guy is stuck with 10 sisters, but yet it seems all quite peaceful at home. I am sure the parents are breathing a sigh of relief over that. 😛

As for my favourite character? I think I will go with the ditzy sister. It was just brilliant to see how her brain worked. How if someone said she should go fishing (in a card game) she would truly go outside and fish.

I also love the pets in this one. Yay, a hamster!

The art was pretty fun, I quite like the style, it fits perfectly with the Loud family and their chaos.

All in all, I did quite enjoy myself while reading this one, and I would recommend it. However I would recommend the paper copy, as then you can do the choose your own adventure type stuff.

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